wiki rumble 6 the trivia game in honor of katorra

Welcome to Wiki Rumble 6!! This will be a trivia game I will host that is in honor of Katorra! I will put you on teams of 4. Each one represents one of the four nations and one of the four bending arts. All team userboxes will be made by our own Tophisnotabeifong. We will be brawling it out for the first strike (first right answer). Now, for this being a trivia game, I'm allowing all four elements to play on an earthbending game, since these kinds of games are fun! I was inspired to make this by The Tour de ATLA, which was hosted by Katorra.


Earth Rumble VI arena
This user participated in the Wiki Rumble VI hosted by Thewaterearth.

how to play?

You will be asked questions from the range of:

Easy: Most of the time 1 to 5 points

Medium: Most of the time 6 to 10 points

Hard: 10 to 20 points

Very hard: 21 to 40 points

You will have to try and reach 500 points to win. For each point you get, it will contribute to your maximum points. You will have to answer questions in the categories from Avatar: The Last Airbender AND The Legend of Korra.

The subjects will be:

Appearance: I will ask you questions on the appearances of characters, like what the characters may have used to look like.

Dates: I will ask about release dates.

Locations: I will ask about places in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

Characters: I will ask about the character's life, battles fought and won, and so on.

Animals: I will ask about favorite fuzzy animals from the shows.

Voices: I will ask about the voices of characters.

To win you have to gain 500 points.

the winner will get the prize:

this user is part of the winning wiki rumble 6 team!!!! they get a small fire works display in there user box.

opening made by me


Sign up for one of the five available teams. All teams must have 7 members or less. Each team will have a user box, locker room, and a leader. The leader will be the creator of the locker room, which brings me to the locker room competition: Each team will try to decorate their locker room to compete for the nicest locker room by adding gizmos and creative things I would like. Enjoy your room!

The Bitter Cold Seas Water:




Water Tribe boat
This user is a member of The Bitter Cold Seas Wiki Rumble 6 Team.

Melon Lord and the Hot Rocks Earth:


points: 35


Melon Lord
This user is a member of the Melon Lord and the Hot Rocks Wiki Rumble 6 Team.

Combustion Man and the Flamey O's Fire:




Combustion Man's attack
This user is a member of the Combustion Man and the Flamey O's Wiki Rumble 6 Team.

The Tormenting Vortexes Air:




This user is a member of The Tormenting Vortexes Wiki Rumble 6 Team.

The Powerful Lights Energy:




Light beam
This user is a member of The Powerful Lights Wiki Rumble 6 Team.

All Userboxes brought to you by Momo :D

get the userboxes

the tiitle seys it all's

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