WHO IS READY FOR THE BATTLE OF THE GIFS LIKE NEVER BEFORE! This is the Gifunger Games, based off a mix of atla, tlok , and the hunger games!

what is it?

the gifunger games will show how much every body enjoys the avatar shows by useing gifs to mentel bend!

in other words there will be 12 teams of 2 people who will use gifs that show charictars bending the element your team is useing. example that is a water move only used by waterbenders. then if a fire earth or air bender then u would use a move like these.

i will be watching over the game giveing points for each move. you are allowed to defend by useing a gif useing defence like

but it has to be before an upcomeing gif so post it quick!


a quick gif 50

a good gif 100

a great gif 200

to kill you have to gain a total of 1000 points on one person( i will tally by sighn up names for how many attacks where put on one player and what kind of attack)

200 point gifs need to have 2 parts!

NO avatar state gifs those will not be counted.

now to attack on the comment place the gif and the name of the person you are attacking also u can not attack someone on your team. below is where you sign up i will put the teams and elements they bend.

sign up

The Southern Water Tribe (water bending only 2 sign up)

The Northern Water Tribe (water bending only 2 sign up)

Omashu (earthbending only 2 sign up)

Ba Sing Sa lower ring (earthbending only 2 sign up)

Ba Sing Sa upper ring (earthbending only 2 sign up)

Southern Air Temple (airbending only 2 sign up)

Northern Air Temple (airbending only 2 sign up)

Western Air Temple (airbending only 2 sign up)

Eastern Air Temple ( airbending only 2 sign up)

Capitol city (firebending only 2 sign up)

ember island (firebending only 2 sign up)

republic city (choice of style only 2 sign up)

edit 2 sign up and the games start when we get enough players ask questions in comments if you need but enjoy!

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