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    immmmmm baaaack! ive had my head stuck in the marvel universe for a cupple months and i feel like im loesing my love for avatar........but lets get to the point... I WONT. but just incase i do im hangin around here 4 a while, seenin my ol avatar wiki friends 

    now to the point of the subject i brought u here for, WHAT SUPER HEROS DO THE CHARICTERS FROM LEGEND OF KORRA HAVE????? as though u guys can write your ideas down in the pritty little coment box made for your lesure :D

    korra: cpatian amarica. she often uses water as a defence. even more spacific, ice, even more spacific like a sheild. and come on.....COLORS.......BLUE

    mako: gambit. gambit isnt a very known charicter but he sort of looks like mako and gambits playing cards tha…

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  • Thewaterearth

    i have seen to much hate on the legend of korra! even the smallest of things like it was rushed and the lage gap between atla and lok. becuase of this i had decided to do something no boady has done yet. THE RESONS THE LEGEND OF KORRA WENT RIGHT! now me personaly hvae to agree on some of hater comments like it was rushed but litsin, bryke works sooooo hard on these things and these things take time. the music, the art it all takes time! they started a while ago on tlok. i remember when i was 11 in 2010, the pic of korra on top of the tower was relesed. now at the time i was still coming to love avatar. that shows how long this has been in prosess. 2 years already! but like you care let me get to the point!

    now every one said that the charic…

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  • Thewaterearth

    Wiki Rumble 6

    August 13, 2012 by Thewaterearth

    Welcome to Wiki Rumble 6!! This will be a trivia game I will host that is in honor of Katorra! I will put you on teams of 4. Each one represents one of the four nations and one of the four bending arts. All team userboxes will be made by our own Tophisnotabeifong. We will be brawling it out for the first strike (first right answer). Now, for this being a trivia game, I'm allowing all four elements to play on an earthbending game, since these kinds of games are fun! I was inspired to make this by The Tour de ATLA, which was hosted by Katorra.

    You will be asked questions from the range of:

    Easy: Most of the time 1 to 5 points

    Medium: Most of the time 6 to 10 points

    Hard: 10 to 20 points

    Very hard: 21 to 40 points

    You will have to try and reach 500…

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  • Thewaterearth


    July 31, 2012 by Thewaterearth

    WHO IS READY FOR THE BATTLE OF THE GIFS LIKE NEVER BEFORE! This is the Gifunger Games, based off a mix of atla, tlok , and the hunger games!

    the gifunger games will show how much every body enjoys the avatar shows by useing gifs to mentel bend!

    in other words there will be 12 teams of 2 people who will use gifs that show charictars bending the element your team is useing. example that is a water move only used by waterbenders. then if a fire earth or air bender then u would use a move like these.…

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  • Thewaterearth

    it has to be yakone. tarlokk said that 40 years ago aang took him down. aang was 12 when the show begain.the show tok is 70 ytears later. aang would be 82. 82-40+= 42 thats how old aang was when e took down yukone. yukone was ethir 10 years yonger than aang or 10 yeasr older. im gessing amon was a bender but aang did some energy bending and took his bending away. yukone's parents where proboly killed by a fire bender at aangs age or younger he was proboly alive when the fire benders where at war. im gussing their is something that energybending does to the victom(gives them the ability to takebending away) the fire loard could not expiriance this(jail) but that makes amon 70-90 years old. avater kyoshi satryed alive 200 years. iroh kicked …

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