What's up bridge here, Today I will be discussing the nature of the avatar state.

What we know In ATLA we find out that the avatar state is when the past avatars give knowledge and skill to the current avatar. In LOK we find out that Raava the light spirit that inhabits the avatars body allows for this to happen, she gives the avatar access to the past lives skill and knowledge with her power being rushed through the avatars body.

Sound alright but here's a few questions about this that I'm willing to tackle

First If the Avatar State is Raava what do the chakras have to do with avatar state and how did aang still love Katara and control the avatar?

Ok, this is a common question with a simple answer. Raava is a very aggressive spirit as seen when fighting vaatu, she is determined to maintain balance at all costs. That's the reason why aang couldn't control the state for so long, Raava was literally possessing him with her energy. Now the chakras are away for the avatar to control himself because once someone is able to control themselves they are able to control much greater forces in this case Raava and the Avatar state. Yes aang did feel love and use the avatar state. This is because the emotions the chakras deal with are only lost while the avatar is in the avatar state. Aang never achieved detachment because he only needed to while in the avatar state. This would make aang seem whiny in the book 2 finale if he only needed to give up katara for a short time. Not really though katara was more than just a crush she represented the love aang had for his people and was like a mother to him, giving her up even for the shortest amount of time would still be very difficult thus understandable.

How can Korra Wan and all the other avatars use the avatar state with out officially opening the chakras? Remember there is more than one way to master yourself for example Korra mastered herself by connecting with her spirtual self something foreign to her as stated by Aang. Roku did it by controlling his emotions through breathe monitoring and Wan was already in control of himself when he fused with raava so by fusing with her bam, avatar state yip yip! Basically the chakras were aang way in controlling himself. We must remember each avatar is unique so it makes sense that mastering the avatar state is different for each avatar.

Hope this helps feel free to comment thanks
Raava's spirit in Korra

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