Background: Hey I'm Thebridge14 and this is my first review of many, Todays episode review will be part one of  a two parter titled Beginnings. So lets jump right in.

Plot Summary

On a fire nation island home to the Bhanti Tribe,Korra awakens mutterting the word "Raava" with no memory of who she is. The tribe places her in a pool of spirit water, and the previous four avatars appear each explaining that she must find her avatar spirit in order to remember who she is. A young Man appears in front of her and he explains that he will help her find Raava, He revealves himself to be Wan the very First Avatar. The story than dives into the life of Wan. Wan a scrawny impovrished teenager, attempts to steal bread from the ruling family of his city named The Chous. Unfourtunatly Wan is caught and thrown off a roof top by one of The Chou's. Wan then returns to his tree house where he and his friends Yao and Jaya live, Wan gives the two what ever food he managged to steal. Jaya explains to Wan that stealing from the royal family could have him killed or worse banished to the spirit wilds. Wan  frustrated with his repressed life style, Decides to Join a group of hunters who are venturing into the spiritwilds. As the group reaches the edge of the city it is revealved that the entire city is built on the back of a Giant LionTurtle, The turtle than grants each hunter including Wan with the power to control Fire inorder for protection against hostile Spirits. However Wan sneakly leaves the hunters and returns back to the city where he shows off his new ability to his friends. That night Jaya explains to Wan that he needs to give the fire back to the Lionturtle do to it being forrbbidden to be brought with in the cities Walls. Wan ignores his plead and he along with a group of peassants march up to the estate where the Chous live and demand that the Chous give them all the food their hoarding. A fight ensues as Wan blasts fire at The Chous knocking them back helpless, just as Wan is about to deliever the final blow to one them, he see's the terrified look in his eyes and surrenders. The next Morning Wan is brought infront of The Lionturtle and is banished to Wilds for his crimes but the Lion Turtle allows him to keep his fire. That night Wan encounters many Hostile spirits, wrecklessly throwing fire balls at  them.As The Sun Rises, We see an exahusted starving Wan stumble upon a spirit oasis which has food and water for him but as he aproaches he is stopped by The Oaisi's Guardian The EyeEye Spirit, who explains that he cannot enter do to the fact that he is human. The only Help Eye Eye and the other spirits give is that there are other Lionturtles and he should go live in one of those cities. Wan then begins to look for another city but stumbles upon a CatDeer trapped in a Hunting net, At first Wans starvation causes him to attempt to eat her, but than tries to save her after seeing the trama the animal has gone through. Just then The group of Hunters that Wan left, tell him to leave so they butcher the deer. Wan selflessly refuses  and throws fire at them causing a chase sceene in which Wan eventually falls to the ground and is surrounded by the hunters. As Wan prepares to die, Eye-Eye teleports to him and posses one the hunters scaring the others away. The spirit Then takes Wan back to the Oasis where he is given food and healed of his wounds. Eye Eye explains that he never saw such an act of selflessness from a human before and with some reluctancey allows Wan to stay with the spirits. Back at the city The Hunters explain that Wan is living amongst the spirits, Jaya and Yao are stunned by this. We then see Wan learning how to use Fire properlly from a Dragon and when the hunters return for revenge, they are in awe in how he moves fire like an extension of his body. As time Passes we see Jaya gathering up a group of peassants and encourages them to leave the city just like Wan did. In a years time Wan is ready to leave the spirit oasis and and find the rest of the lion Turtle cities. After Wan thanks Eye Eye for his hossipitalty he sets off on The Cat Deer he saved, whom he names Mula. The two spend much time travleing together until they are interrupted by two spirits battling, One White with blue colorings the other Black with Red Coloring. Wan explains that they need to stop fighting because they are endangering the lives of the other animals and spirits in the area. The dark spirits pleades with Wan to sepparte him from the white spirit because she has tourted him for 10000 years, Wan agrees and use his fire to split the two allowing the black spirit to escape. The white spirit reveals that the Spirit he just let lose is Vaatu the spirit of Darkness and Chaos and she is Raava the spirit of light and Order. Ravaa tells Wan that she has kept Vaatu under controll for the past 10000 years and by freeing him he let chaos into the world. We then see Korra mutter Raava I found you- To be countinued


Begginings part one is unbelivable. It gives Legend of Korra the mythcal adventure story which is lacking in the curent story. It gives use a character in Wan who we can root for being the prototypical "underdog." The story is also quick and to the point with great cut scences and dialogue. The art style is amazing it makes me feel like I'm in an old Jappanse  painting which fits the themes quite nicley.

Top 5 Faviorite Moments

5- Wan giving the little bit of food he has to the starving birds and squirrells in his tree house

4- Wan setting Vaatu free

3- Wan and Mulas Cut Sceen travels

2- Wan's first night in the spirit wilds

1- The White Dragon teaching Wan The Dancing Dragon.

Top 5 Quotes

5-"Jaya, it's time to stop being so afraid of the Chous and show them we have the power to change things."

4-"No! Wait. Great lion turtle, I am sorry for stealing the fire from you, and I accept my punishment. But please, I need to be able to protect myself in the wilds"

3-"I saw you save the cat deer from those hunters. I've never seen such an act of selflessness from a human before."

2-"I'm proud to call you my friend, Stinky."

1-"And the way Wan moves fire, it's like nothing I've ever seen. He uses it like it's an extension of his body."

Final Thoughts

Beginnings part one is stunning  a must see for any Atla or Lok fan. I give it a 9/10 rating. Join me next time as I review part two of Beginnings.

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