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    What's up bridge here, Today I will be discussing the nature of the avatar state.

    What we know In ATLA we find out that the avatar state is when the past avatars give knowledge and skill to the current avatar. In LOK we find out that Raava the light spirit that inhabits the avatars body allows for this to happen, she gives the avatar access to the past lives skill and knowledge with her power being rushed through the avatars body.

    Sound alright but here's a few questions about this that I'm willing to tackle

    First If the Avatar State is Raava what do the chakras have to do with avatar state and how did aang still love Katara and control the avatar?

    Ok, this is a common question with a simple answer. Raava is a very aggressive spirit as seen whe…

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  • Thebridge14

    Beginnings Part 1

    August 14, 2014 by Thebridge14

    Background: Hey I'm Thebridge14 and this is my first review of many, Todays episode review will be part one of  a two parter titled Beginnings. So lets jump right in.

    On a fire nation island home to the Bhanti Tribe,Korra awakens mutterting the word "Raava" with no memory of who she is. The tribe places her in a pool of spirit water, and the previous four avatars appear each explaining that she must find her avatar spirit in order to remember who she is. A young Man appears in front of her and he explains that he will help her find Raava, He revealves himself to be Wan the very First Avatar. The story than dives into the life of Wan. Wan a scrawny impovrished teenager, attempts to steal bread from the ruling family of his city named The Chou…

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