I think the avatar world in Legend of Korra has been advanced too quickly unnecessarily and it has taken away from the fantasy aspect of the show. It is obvious that they wanted to go in a new direction with this series, yet they have changed aspects of the show that did not need changing. For example, the soundtrack from airbender has been changed and it really takes away from the feel of the avatar series. The world is much too modern and aspects of it such as cars, radios and reporters with microphones really take away from the traditional avatar world. The books for korra are also only 12-14 episodes long, compared to the 20 of each book in airbender. The less books leaves less character development and there is no longer any 'filler' episodes where the characters would just come across a random adventure outside of the main plot line. This means the story line becomes rushed and the sense of journeying with the characters is diminished. I also believe that because of this modern world, it leaves not much scope for the next avatar (I'm praying they keep going) to play a traditional avatr role. They have made the world too realistic and have not left much room for growth. However, there are two wyas I believe they can fix this problem. Firstly I think it would be a great idea to go back to an avatar before aang such as kyoshi and relive their story or maybe and avatar from many generations ago with no connection to the charcers we've met and then basically they could start from scratch and make a new series that is equivalent to airbender in quality. Or they could finish Korra book 4 with Korra stating that the advance in technology has brought unbalance to the world, allowing the producers to continue the story yet regress the world back to the traditional avatar world. I think that the main issue going forward is it doesnt have to be realistic and this historical accuracy they have brought in really makes it hard to lose yourself in the fantasy and journey of the avatar world. That being said I still absolutely love the legend of korra. its still avatar and its great, i think it improved with each episode and by the end i couldnt get enough of it. The finale was fantastic and really closed up everything that was happening. However I'm left questioning whether this was a wise move as it is only book 1 out of 4. I think they should have left korra and mako in uncertainty about their relationship and have them with the same dynamiv that aang and katara had instead of this full on romantic thing. I also think maybe they should have left Amon alive (he may well be) and the equalists at large as this still would have allowed for korra's victory yet kept the battle raging on and in doing so allowed for further plot and character developmet. That being said I loved how Tarloch sacrificed himself to rid the world of Amon, great guy. All in all its a fantastic show but small changes could see it improve enormously and be on par with the last airbender.

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