Hey, if you are reading this blog, you are:
A. A fan of The Final Avatar
B. Wondering what I'm talking about.
C. Both.

If you chose B, read The Final Avatar. It's a great fanon series by me. If you chose A or C, please keep reading.

I am almost finished with Book 1 of my series, and I've got some awesome stuff planned. Here's a general idea:

An Earthbender Returns

An Earthbender Returns... this is a chapter in my story that involves an earthbender returning. One of my favorite characters returns in this chapter. This one is full of action and adventure. I'm not going to tell you everything, but it involves a certain character returning (obviously), and you find out who killed Ajoke. Oh, and Patola is in it.

The Super Weapon

Yet another one of my chapters that starts with the word "the". This one is awesome. Boli's best weapon designers have finished a super weapon. One that will wipe out the Fire Nation. This weapon is amazingly awesome. Oh, and Patola is in it.

Boli's Monster

This is the chapter of all chapters! In this one, Boli creates a monster. A great monster! One that can win him the war (because the super weapon apparently didn't destroy the world). Boli then uses this monster. It'll be awesome! Oh, and Patola is in it.

Other stuff

One more spoiler thing about my series. In Book 2, Zaru is going to the Water Tribes. Oh, and Patola is in it.

Now, if you read The Final Avatar, please comment on this blog. I want reassurance writing this fan fic isn't a waste of time.

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