Hi! I would like to tell everyone about my new fanon: The Final Avatar! I'll just take the summery from the fanon:

The avatar has been born again. The first fire nation avatar since Roku, Avatar Zaru. But there is a problem. Greedy leaders of the Earth Kingdom are attempting to take over. They have developed a grand army to take over the world. If it's possible, there's a bigger problem. The next in the Avatar line after firebending is airbending. There are no airbenders to teach Zaru, and worse, no airbenders to be born into. Once Zaru dies, there will be no Avatar.

If that sounded interesting, go read it! A list of chapters can be found here.

This is also a Q&A blog, which means you can ask any question about my series, and I'll answer it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. Ask anything!

Also, I would love it if anybody would help me fill in articles about the various characters, organizations, etc.

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