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    Fanon Ideas

    August 21, 2012 by Thebigofan

    Hello guys!

    I had a fanon that I wanted to write, but I don't think it would be well written if I wrote it. I wanted to find an author who would write it for me. I just found out that ghostwriting isn't allowed so whoever wants to write the fanon can take full credit for writing this fanon, but I would like to be credited for the plot idea.

    Here's the plot: Lee and his brother Kumon just immigrated to Republic City from a poor Earth Kingdom village. They expected their new life to be easygoing, but things didn't go has they hoped as they are struggling to make ends-meet. They have managed to stay out of trouble until Lee begins to be involved with crime boss: The Big O.

    Setting: This fanon takes place during book 2. So it takes place after th…

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