What's This Now?

Since the User Groups discussion is pointing to creating new ones, I thought I'd have a head start on everyone. If you'd like to join, please comment here. You'll have to take a more-or-less by-the-book editing quiz, so brush up on your grammar. And yes, I've passed the exam, because the quiz I'm giving you is a condensed, easy version of the actual editing exam I had to take to receive a professional editing license.

D= A Quiz! You're Joking

I'm not. Let's put it simple as that.

The Page! Rules! Yes yes yes!

Hey there. Listen up. If you're interested, go Avatar Wiki:Comma Crusade|right here. Don't be shy. Click on the pretty brown text]] and read it up and down. Afterwards, let me know if something needs to be changed or if it's a-okay.

So, What Do You Mean by Grammar?

Here's an example of some made-up questions from the exam.

Examine these sentences. Rewrite them if they are incorrect, and leave them if they are correct.

  • 1) The warriors crossed the ramp easily, and thrust their spears into whoever was on the other side.
  • 2) Recoiling, she stared into the dragon's smoky red eyes, and the vision was so terrifying that she swallowed and half-fell down the steps; shortly afterwards, the dragon laughed, and she found herself flinching.
  • 3) The teacher glanced at the girl with a smug expression on her face, and the girl smartly answered, "I don't know the answer and, honestly, I don't care".

Now What?

Now go forth and recruit, my minions. =3

Oh, and By the Way

Hey Crusaders. I'd like you to check the CC talk page maybe once a day or every few days. Stuff has happened recently, and we need your help. C'mon.

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