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TAD's Fanon Writing Challenge

You need: 1) Your birthday. 2) Your real name.

Here's how it works. You are given a nonsensical prompt based on your birthday and name. Then you have to write about it, as little or as long as you wish. Then you have to post it for us to see. Just string together a sentence based on your birthday and the initials of your first and last names.

Note that "I" doesn't have to refer to you. "I" can be a self-insert, an OC, or an established character. Also please note that you can bring in other characters, motivations, etc., as long as you overall stick to your given theme.

These were doled out using's random number generator, and therefore I haven't "slipped in" special ones depending on people's names, etc.


January - had tea

February - went penguin-sledding in a blizzard

March - fought an Agni Kai

April - was almost assassinated

May - shipped heavily

June - played a sporting game of pai sho

July - stole a precious object

August - had my fortune told

September - planned a coup

October - was forced into an eating-until-you-vomit contest

November - destroyed a minor village

December - cheated peasants out of a small fortune


01 - Joo Dee

02 - Long Feng

03 - Ran and Shaw

04 - Kuruk

05 - Iroh

06 - Gyatso

07 - Zuko

08 - Sozin

09 - Sokka

10 - Roku

11 - Jin

12 - Yangchen

13 - Toph

14 - Bumi

15 - Kyoshi

16 - the Cabbage Merchant

17 - Appa

18 - Suki

19 - Jet

20 - Pakku

21 - Mai

22 - Piandao

23 - Aang

24 - Yue

25 - Koh

26 - Katara

27 - Ozai

28 - Ty Lee

29 - Kuei

30 - Momo

31 - Azula


A - Ba Sing Se

B - Dock/Bushi/Xu's village

C - the Southern Air Temple

D - Sun Warriors' Ancient City

E - the beach

F - the Earth King's palace

G - the Jasmine Dragon

H - the Eastern Air Temple

I - the Fire Lord's palace

J - the Southern Water Tribe

K - the catacombs

L - Fire Nation Capital

M - Ember Island

N - the Western Air Temple

O - the Northern Water Tribe

P - Foggy Swamp

Q - the Cave of Two Lovers

R - June's inn

S - Omashu

T - the Spirit Oasis

U - the Eastern Air Temple

V - the Serpent's Pass

W - the Great Divide

X - Republic City

Y - the abandoned Fire Nation ship in the South

Z - Northern Air Temple

because I

A - was high on cactus juice

B - fell through an interdimensional portal

C - realized I was a bender

D - I made a bet

E - couldn't find the key to my house

F - was dumped by someone else

G - decided to find out about what LOK was going to be

H - slipped on a banana peel

I - was desperate to meet a new boyfriend/girlfriend

J - wanted a hug

K - like jasmine tea

L - was hawking my new fruit pies

M - despised pumpernickel bread

N - needed money for rent

O - was studying sociology

P - fell asleep at my computer

Q - followed the yellow brick road

R - was brainwashed

S - misread the time on my train ticket

T - got a messenger hawk

U - needed a test subject

V - requested a piggy back ride

W - wanted a karaoke partner

X - couldn't stand McDonald's any more

Y - wanted an autograph

Z - lost the way to my old life


Just make sure to cite me and link to this whenever you post your totally wacky fanon.

Credit to Free as a Bison for compiling the following:

Lady Lostris was [almost] assassinated with Suki in Ba Sing Se because she despised pumpernickel bread.

Free as a Bison fought an Agni Kai with Yangchen at the catacombs because he realized he was a bender.

Natsu11 cheated peasants out of a small fortune with Mai at the Jasmine Dragon because he likes jasmine tea.

Vulmen played a sporting game of pai sho with Ozai at the Sun Warriors' Ancient City because he despised pumpernickel bread.

PSUAvatar14 fought an Agni Kai with Koh at June's inn because he despised pumpernickel bread.

RageOfFluffy was shipped heavily with Katara at the Southern Water Tribe because he fell asleep at his computer.

MibuWolf was forced into an eating-until-you-vomit contest with Ozai at Ember Island because she decided to find about what LOK was going to be.

BlueDagger fought an Agni Kai with Sozin at the Great Divide because he wanted a karaoke partner.

AvatarRokusGhost had his fortune told with Pakku on Ember Island because he realized he was a bender.

Dcasawang1 had tea with Sozin at Sun Warriors' ancient city because he realized he was a bender.

Necterine411 fought an Agni Kai with Katara at the catacombs because she fell through an interdimensional portal.

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