Have a favorite fanon? Want to help promote? Take a look at this, and this page.

The Idea

There are many fanons out there, and sometimes the good ones don’t get all of the attention they reserve, while the bad ones do. Here’s a way to help people pick out the best of fanons. =3

How Does It Work?

On the page, leave me a note that says “Name: Fanonbender” Then, if you get a total of five supports (including yourself), I’ll edit in a “Fanonbender” template for them (which they can then choose to move, not to display, etc.), and the user who originally nominated them will go into the “nominated by” bit. If the person receives five “Fanonbender” pages (that’s a total of twenty-five people supporting), I will add a “Fanonbending Master” template to their page. Yes, twenty-five is a lot, but that’s where the Fanonbending Master part comes in. The original original user, as in the original nominator of the very first nomination for that fanon, will be put into the “nominated by.” Only nominate/support if the fanon is deserving; in other words, if “Zuko Goes Potty” gets twenty-five backings by clearly spam-users, we might be forced to resort to a vote, so don’t try to cheat the system, and you cannot nominate/support yourself. Nonies can also not participate. If you feel a fanon is not deserving of this title but has been nominated, feel free to message me with your reasoning.

The Templates

Here’s what they look like:

Ransom letter This user is a Fanonbender, for his/her [[Fanon:{{{2}}}}|{{{2}}}]].
Nominated by {{{1}}}. 
Characters This user is a Fanonbending Master, for his/her [[Fanon:{{{2}}}}|{{{2}}}]].
Nominated by {{{1}}}. 

And here are examples:

Ransom letter This user is a Fanonbender, for his/her Eyes of Katara. Nominated by Trogdor the Mighty.
Characters This user is a Fanonbending Master, for his/her When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.

Nominated by TaadShipper

Note: These examples were totally random, but I had to use actual fanon names, or the templates wouldn’t work.

List of Fanonbenders (x1)

List of Fanonbenders (x2)

List of Fanonbenders (x3)

Now What?

Go forth, my minions, and nominate/support your favorite fanons!

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