Attention: AvataRPG is currently looking for co-GMs [game masters] to help development and later the actual RPG. If interested, send TAD a messenger hawk.

If you do not know what an RPG is, see here.

Book I: Legend of Kyoshi

Four nations.

One Avatar.

A million ways to shatter the fragile harmony held together by a thread.

We all know of the story of the peasant rebellion of the Earth Kingdom.

We know she worked alone.

She didn't have a Team Avatar.

But . . .

What if she did?

Avatar Demotivator Pictures, in association with Studio Grammar, proudly presents an Avatar Wiki RPG:

Coming soon to a fanonspace near you.

Casting List

Instructions for the following: Please copy/paste it and fill it out for future convenience. I know it looks strange, but after you copy/paste it, the formatting will kick in.

  • What is a character sheet? It's similar to a swift reference list for both yourself and others who are RPGing. It's especially useful for a GM.
  • What will I do with it? Fill it out is all. I'll take care of the rest.
  • Can I still make a page for my character? I encourage this. Character sheets are just a one-stop shop for me.

'''Insert character name here''' * Sex: * Age: * Nationality: * Fighting style(s): * Hair color: * Eye color: * Position: (Team Kyoshi, Earth King, peasant rebellion, or neutral) * Relations to other characters: (optional) * Clothing: (optional) * Background: (optional)

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