Chapter 3: The Southern Air Temple

A review (and some demotivation) of Book 1: Water, Chapter 3: The Southern Air Temple.

Previously in Avatar: Katara and her boyfriend Aang the Avatar set out—along with Sokka—on a magical journey filled with . . . magic.

So here we have Aang and Katara soaring on their Sky Bison (Sokka’s the one in the background being a party-pooper). Having a touch of the car-mania in myself, I wonder if they have Sky Bison traffic laws, and, if so, why aren’t Appa’s blinkers on?

Ahhh, General Zhao. For all of you fans that hate him, the Zuko-fangirls owe their lives to him. Why? He’s the reason Zuko ends up shirtless anyway. But more on that later. Just ramping up your pulse.

Zhao “interrogates” the members of Zuko’s ship (aka, “Here’s some money, lol, now what happened?”), and, guess what, it turns out that Zuko was lying. Of course he found the Avatar! How else was this ship damaged? Surely not a storm or a regular avalanche or anything like that—noo, it had to be the Avatar that’s been missing for a century! Gee, Zhao, I know that jumping to conclusions is much less exercise than digging for facts, but I think this a little ridiculous.

Because, you know, that’s totally a toga and not an adult diaper.

SPOILER ALERT: Sokka is hungry. Wait, isn’t he always hungry? That’s right! He is.

Sadly for Sokka, there will be no “cured meats” of any kind, because the Air Nomads were vegetarians. Meanwhile, Katara, the girl who acts like everybody’s mother, is trying to protect her son Aang.

This means:

Because, you know, Sokka can totally win a game called “airball.”

Meanwhile, Aang opens a CGI door which, no matter how many times I’ve tracked the air currents, doesn’t seem to make sense as to how the heck is opens. But, whatever. It’s not like the rules of physics apply.

Ooh, look, a creepy row of statues, most (if not all) of which are male Avatars. Maybe they’re in alphabetical order? And why is there not a row of Avatar statues in any of the other temples (Air Nomad or otherwise)? Did the Southern Air Temple just randomly decide, “Hey, let’s build a bunch of dudes in honor for Avatar Roku’s fiftieth birthday!”

Hey there, Monkeyfeathers. Pleased to see you again.

“So, during this chase for Momo, me—that’s Monkeyfeathers—would like to add: Momo can’t be the Last Flying Lemur! Either there’s a family of Momos around, or Momo takes after Avatar Kyoshi. And speaking of which, Korra isn’t the Last Airbender, either. Y U NO CALL IT AVATAR, BRYKE?!”

Um, okay, thanks, Monkeyfeathers.

Hi there, people-who-skipped-ahead-to-see-if-Zuko-actually-took-his-shirt-off, of course he did. You may now return to the scheduled program.

Anyway, I’ve never understood how the heck Zhao became a Commander, if he got beaten by some teenager who barely knows the basic set. Did he just stroke his sideburns seductively or what?

Ruh-roh! Aang found the skeleton of the monk who raised him, Monkey Otso Monk Gyatso. Talk about skeletons in the closet! *beats off Monkeyfeathers as he attempts to comment on LOK* Aang goes into his second homicidal kill rage, but this time, for whatever reason, everybody finds out, but no one noticed the first time. Because, you know, the South Pole has terrible reception.

Kataang hug! Only a glomp from Katara could calm him down.

*stares at screen*

Yep, she’s still his mom.

This episode is a 4. The emotional sides of the episode—both Aang’s and Zuko’s—were beautifully done. Unlike the previous episodes, this was not one that depended on action, with the exceptions of the comical chase sequence and Zuko’s fight with Zhao. Iroh is again incredibly wise (“I told you ginseng was my favorite”). The backgrounds—especially on the Southern Air Temple—were very beautiful.

As well, this is the episode that saved my life. But, you know, whatever.

See you next time!

~The Avatar Demotivator

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