Chapter 2: The Avatar Returns

A review (and some demotivation) of Book 1: Water, Chapter 2: The Avatar Returns.

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Quick summary of the previous episode: Katara and Sokka found Aang in an iceberg. Aang and Katara “boobied” right into a Fire Nation booby trap. ZUKO KNOWS. Aw, crap.


Why does Katara go all over Aang? She’s known him for less than a day, but she’s willing to leave her entire village to go with him. Is she that infatuated?

Now, my alter ego Monkeyfeathers has to step in here to say, “Noo, Demotivator, you’re wrong! She’s just mad because no one understands her waterbending talents. She wants to be taught waterbending, and she’s pretending to go with Aang in hopes that a magic waterbender will randomly fall out the sky.

Uh, thanks, Monkeyfeathers. O.o*

So Aang is kicked out and exiled. What does he do? He sits on an iceberg. I lambasted this last episode, but I have to mention it again. Hypothermia, guys. Hypo-freaking-thermia. Unless Aang can Firebend (and he can’t), he’s a frozen Aangsicle by now. But who wants an airbender in a waterbending coat? We can’t have people be confused for the sake of common sense or anything!


There is pretty much no comment needed here. Why is his ship bigger than the village, and why does it seem to change sizes between shots?

The village is extremely small. Surely there must be other villages nearby. Unless everyone died in a pandemic, there aren’t enough people in the village to have enough warriors to fill the ships seen in the opening of the first episode. Plus, why aren’t there more teenagers? Did all of the mothers suddenly get pregnant just before the fathers left or something? Why are Katara and Sokka the only ones above, let’s face it, three or four?


Sokka, after being talked into it by Gran-Gran most likely, decides to aid Katara in her quest and seems fine with Kataang shipping. He was the first one in the series to say anything about it. So we have to give him kudos here.

I love the whole “Yip-yip” scene, because Sokka’s face when Appa flies is remarkable. A bison and his boy. *wipes tear form eye* How cute . . . No, let’s face it. They hate each other at the beginning.


Congratulations, Aang. You supposedly sacrifice yourself for Katara, then randomly bust out. Here, you realize that Aang is an amazing fighter. Before this, you just thought that he could fly around and pick up using airbending. Now you see that Aang is a freaking force of nature. But wait! It already told us in the title that he’s the Avatar. Gee, Bryke, thanks for the plot spoilage.

But once again I have to say. Best scene in the whole episode. I love Aang’s “sorry” as he comes in on a sleeping Iroh. I wonder if Iroh was really sleeping or not.


No, I was kidding. This is the best scene. This is the first fight scene between Aang and Zuko, and Zuko gets absolutely owned. First, it shows Aang’s passive fighting style: Avoid and evade; second, Aang finally beats Zuko into submission using Zuko’s own mattress. Yep, Aang should be in the Mortal Kombat. Please let him in the next Mortal Kombat.


Zuko’s just the guy with the anger management issues. He didn’t ask for all this flying and magic. Sadly for him, he first has to contend with a giant cow monster, then Aang’s homicidal kill rage. And then Aang destroys Zuko’s ship. If there was any karma in the world, a giant spatula would have flipped Aang out of the air and onto Zuko’s ship, but Aang’s the main character. He’s supposed to win.

Brownie points for Iroh’s expression as he sees Appa flying by.


Since I haven’t seen the whole series, I leave this point to Monkeyfeathers.

So Katara wants to go to the North Pole, and she seriously ships with Aang here (see DP#1)—but then she acts oblivious until the last thirty seconds of 114. Really? WTF? Come on, Bryke!

Evidently, Katara isn’t as infatuated as I thought previously.

This episode is a 3. While kudos points were given for some awesome fight scenes (by “awesome,” I mean “powerful,” as in “the awesome power of the earthquake”) and a beautiful introduction to the Avatar State, once again, it had some dialogue problems, some serious issues with Katara’s character, and some definite plot holes.

See you next time!

~The Avatar Demotivator

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