A review (and some demotivation) of Book 1: Water, Chapter 1: The Boy in the Iceberg.

Hi there. I just recently began to watch the series, having purchased the boxed set, and I'm in love. Since I specialize in producing demotivational posters, I've decided to go through the series and do reviews, all while using DPs.

For each link, just copy/paste it into your URL bar and change the (dot)s to periods. It was the only way I could get them to work.

One of the reasons I love the series is that it has very strong female characters, because in most anime-style shows, the males are the main characters, while the females are simply eye candy. Instead of letting Sokka be a sexist pig, Katara becomes angry enough to, yes, break the iceberg. Another example is Kanna (Gran-Gran), who leads the entire Southern Water Tribe while the men are away. This just screams future character development for Sokka.

So here we have Prince Zuko, who is instantly my second-favorite character, after Aang. His entire life’s purpose is to capture the Avatar in order to regain in honor, but Aang’s purpose is to save the world and not be captured. However, Zuko doesn’t seem like the archetypal villain, if anything an anti-hero, as he also has to contend with his lazy bump-on-a-log of an uncle (no offense, Iroh. I know you’re wise, but I’m speaking for Zuko here). He seems like a desperate young man to me, but he only needs someone to accept him for who he is.

And it’s Aang! Yep, my favorite character. Unlike sexist Sokka and serious Zuko, Aang is like your weirdo cousin who shows up in the middle of parties just to show off his belly button. When he first shows up in the episode, he immediately shows himself to be extremely goofy and fun-loving, almost as if he is hiding from something. Sokka, who doesn’t like bending and who has to put up with his waterbending sister, doesn’t like Aang at all, seeing him as yet another problem for the macho man to face.

My favorite part about this whole shot was the fact that Aang did, in fact, wake up shirtless. It’s almost the middle of winter, at the South Pole, and Aang is shirtless. Do they not know about hypothermia, or what? As Sokka put it, “Why aren’t you frozen?”

So Aang has airbending tattoos, and Katara has an opportunity to check out Aang. When Aang introduces himself to the village, he once again reveals himself to be nothing but a goofy kid. This makes no sense. If you were just found frozen in an iceberg, wouldn’t you want to know where your parents are, etc.? If he isn’t hiding something, he’s insane. But I think he is, because he had that nightmare.

Airbenders are evidently immune to cold, because Aang wears a flimsy little outfit while the rest of the Tribe wears thick, fur-lined coats.

Kataang shipping, yay! I think it’s cute that Katara saved Aang from the iceberg, but I don’t agree with Kataang (at least not yet) because Katara is more like a mother or older sister than a love interest.

And what was Aang doing, having disappeared for an hour? Methinks something is afoot.

As there are 61 episodes, I will give 13 episodes a ‘5’ rating, 12 a ‘4,’ 12 a ‘3,’ 12 a ‘2,’ and 12 a ‘1,’ so it’s completely comparative. No flaming. It is comparative and my opinion only.

This episode is a 3. Although it was insanely hilarious and really let you into the world of the Avatar, it, sadly, had some dialogue problems and some science issues.

See you next time!

~The Avatar Demotivator

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