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  • I live in Republic City.
  • My occupation is the Avatar Demotivator.
  • I am not really around the Wiki anymore.
  • Theavatardemotivator

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    There are many reasons I'll have for missing the Wiki terribly, but I'm afraid that maybe it's best if we . . . [tosses hair] . . . split up.

    As many of you know, I adore the Wiki. The past almost-year has been the greatest and most-missed of my life, and I will never forget a single one of you, though I encourage for you to forget me. It will be easier on you, and it will lift a load from my conscience.

    "But wait!" the majority of my dear readers are likely saying, staring at confusion at their screens, their hands/claws/tentacles hovering over their mice/touchscreens/nuclear warhead detonation panels. "What's going on, TAD? What are you talking about?"

    At which I likely am shaking my head, correcting the majo…

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  • Theavatardemotivator

    What we've all been waiting for.

    Breaking News: If seems that if 100,000 people like, share, or text about the new Korra Nation, then Bryke will release the show early!

    Cheers! [chinks glass]

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  • Theavatardemotivator

    Hey there! This is TAD, The Avatar Demotivator, reviewing by Lightningthief9.

    Though not a Fanon Review Squad review, it is accurate. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive; there is plenty of advice!

    Darksome Knights is a unique fanon filled with references to Avatar, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Percy Jackson and combines the seven worlds uniquely. As the Five Pillars despair at the destruction of their world, the other six universes continue normally - for a time. Then, as if from nowhere, a dimensional quake ripples through the previously separate worlds, and they converge, collapsing into one with deadly repercussions. Come along with Obi-Wan, Ash Ketchum, Team Avatar, Percy Jackson, Harry, and…

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  • Theavatardemotivator

    AvataRPG, Book I

    February 17, 2012 by Theavatardemotivator

    Attention: AvataRPG is currently looking for co-GMs [game masters] to help development and later the actual RPG. If interested, send TAD a messenger hawk.

    If you do not know what an RPG is, see here.

    Four nations.

    One Avatar.

    A million ways to shatter the fragile harmony held together by a thread.

    We all know of the story of the peasant rebellion of the Earth Kingdom.

    We know she worked alone.

    She didn't have a Team Avatar.

    But . . .

    What if she did?

    Avatar Demotivator Pictures, in association with Studio Grammar, proudly presents an Avatar Wiki RPG:

    Coming soon to a fanonspace near you.

    Casting List

    • Lady Lostris - Kyoshi
    • The Bos - Chin, earthbender
    • BlackMonkey - The Earth King
    • Dcasawang…

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  • Theavatardemotivator

    All videos have now been uploaded.

    Please don't laugh. >.>" Dank je.

    Note: The videos have been removed for personal reasons. If anyone would like to see them, please contact me directly, and I will of course provide the links. Dank je!

    Overall, I'll give The Promise, Part I a 9.5/10. Please note that this rating is solely to deter haters.

    You guys caught me. I actually rated it 7/10, but several people in Iar Sea noted it could attract haters. I don't think there are haters on Avatar Wiki to call me a hipster or a geewun-screamie, so this is what I honestly think.

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