For those who don't, I'm from Germany. Recently I have watched the show in English (Book 1-3) and the English versions is a thousand times better, especially Katara and Azula (the voices)

So tell me about your thoughts and opinions =)

When I became a fan of the show, I have seen all the episodes only in German. Then I watched the whole show in English and was surprised. (Bad surprise)

To Azula: I had so many prejudices against Azula (which is my absolute favorite now) First I thought "oh my god, she is childish and bitchy" the end of book 3 her voice actress totally messed it up, she made ​​her only "a spoiled brat". In German she doesn't sound manipulative like in the English version, in German she sounds rather childish bitchy and far too girlish. I didn't like Azula, because of that.=(

To Katara: First I liked her voice, but then in book 3 she got a new voice and that new voice was so terrible. I've started to hate katara, because the voice sounds very selfish. I was like "ok what happened to Katara?" The new voice conveys her far too aggressive, bitchy and way too grown up. The German voice just changed her character.

Conclusion, the German voice actors changed the characters. They don't convey the emotions the characters have to go through, and when the voices don't convey the characters and the emotions, then there are misunderstandings.

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