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    Leave the wiki

    July 28, 2011 by The royal we

    Hey to all who know me , I won´t say to much , I just want to say I leave the wiki forever , I had a great time here , but now it is time to say goodbye , I met a lot of people here, and I will miss them but at least i want to thank a bunch of you guys

    so all my thaks goes to :



    TAD my lovely sis

    IBK my boyfriend


    Ultimate Waterbender




    thanks guys for helping out =) and the great time ,........

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    For those who don't, I'm from Germany. Recently I have watched the show in English (Book 1-3) and the English versions is a thousand times better, especially Katara and Azula (the voices)

    So tell me about your thoughts and opinions =)

    When I became a fan of the show, I have seen all the episodes only in German. Then I watched the whole show in English and was surprised. (Bad surprise)

    To Azula: I had so many prejudices against Azula (which is my absolute favorite now) First I thought "oh my god, she is childish and bitchy" the end of book 3 her voice actress totally messed it up, she made ​​her only "a spoiled brat". In German she doesn't sound manipulative like in the English version, in German she sounds rather childish bitchy and far too g…

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    March 10, 2011 by The royal we

    Here is a song by a German band (the doctors) I have translated the text for you so well it went.I think it reflects the contrary when he talks to Ozai.

    I'm against it if you are in favor of it I'm against it, I am not like you I'm against it, no matter what it's about I'm against it, because you don't understand it I'm against it, and I say it one more time I'm against it, why, doesn't matter at all I'm against it, even if you don't like it I call it freedom, you call it lack of respect Please understand my behavior as a sign of rejection With which I face you Please understand my behavior as a sign of rejection With which I face you I'm not stupid even you like pretend I am I'm not lazy, I'm simply not in the mood I'm not ugly, I just loo…

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