• The malefic

    It's Christmas!!

    December 20, 2010 by The malefic

    Well we're coming to the end of another year, we've seen Highs and horrifying Lows. But overall I'd say this year has been very good not just for the wiki, but for Avatar as a whole.

    The main big things this year were good and bad, we had a terrible end to the summer with TLA and so now most of us hate M.Night. Then we have the highlight of year, Legend of Korra, it's waaaaaaaay too early to tell how good this is going to be but hey, M.Night isn't involved so I guess it's now awesome.

    Now theres something I want to ask, mostly out of boredom, but which A:TLA character would you spend christmas with and why?

    Post in the comments and let's see what reasons you can come up with.

    Also all credit to Booter Freak on deviantART for that awesome image.


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  • The malefic

    Hello fellow wikians! The malefic here with the first in the series of some episode reviews. I'll try to keep them interesting and if you can't tell already it won't be in chronological order, now on with the review!

    The basic plot of The Great Divide centres around two tribes, the Gan Jin and the Zhang, and the feud between them. According to the tribes an event concerning Wei Jin and Jin Wei ended with Wei Jin being imprisoned. After a treacherous trip through The Great Divide Aang ends up fabricating another version of Wei Jin's fate, ending the feud.

    Now I could go into more detail about the plot but, it isn't really worth it. There is one main word that the plot of this episode is screaming, and that is filler. Now to be fair I personall…

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  • The malefic

    It's not all bad

    October 21, 2010 by The malefic

    Hello fellow wikians, Malefic here!

    Well one main thing has happened this week, and that's the introduction of the new wikia skin. While many blogs and users all argue that this new skin is bad and that the old one is superior. I myself quite like it and you have to admire the amazing job the Admins have done with it.

    I know everything is much harder to find and you have know what you're looking for, but this is only a small design flaw. Remeber this skin is new so that doesn't mean what we are seeing isn't going to change. You never know, Wikia might take it user comments and tweak the design or allow for more custom skins.

    Also although the entire thing has changed most people I think complain as they aren't used to it. Why not give it a coup…

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  • The malefic

    Comments or IRC?

    October 16, 2010 by The malefic

    Hello fellow wikians! Malefic here once again.

    After a very successful Blog Post by Ianbernard, more users have began using the community chatroom or IRC. What is still intresting is that despite IRC's 'relaunch' on the wikia users are still using the comment and talk page sections to communicate.

    Why is this I wonder? I mean IRC is always ready and waiting, and there is no need to constantly refresh the page waiting for a response.

    The 888th Avatar has already taken the time for create This Article. Users simply add the times that they will be on so people know if they do go on IRC, who is most likely to be on. Yet still people are using the slower method or talk and comments and this is having some negative effects.

    Some users complain that …

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  • The malefic

    What a friendly wikia

    October 9, 2010 by The malefic

    Hello fellow wikians! I am Malefic a new user who joined only a mere 3 days ago. However, In those 3 days I've come to notice how friendly everyone is around here. Everyone who I have talked to is so friendly and polite, I have to say this is one of most friendly wiki communities I've ever been part of! Also A few thanks:

    The Bos - Helped me with my first fanon articles and even made a template for my fanon, thanks Bos!

    Ianbernard - I asked if he could look my fanon over and he responded almost instantly and very politely.

    The avatar - Even though Bos helped me with the template, Avatar still took the time to respond.

    Evatar114 - Requested a fanon review and also gave a response instantly. Also one of few people I know who also read Chaos Walk…

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