Hey, guys! As most of you have obviously noticed, if you read the fanon, the latest chapter is taking a while. The reason is that I've been sick over the last 2 weeks, and have been more busy. Hopefully, the next 2 chapters will come out in the next several days.

Something else that I've noticed is that the wiki is declining in activity. This has been made quite obvious, by the dead forums, one of the recent issues of the BSST, and just the lack of progressive activity in general. As Vaznock and I have said in this Forum, which itself has joined the list,:

As September has gone by, I've been noticing a rather major issue, our wiki is really, well....starting to suck and become lazy in some ways. My most major examples are:
User Groups - This has always been a fail ever since they were created. None of these groups are active, and they haven't done any help to the wiki. The only one that has ever been active is the SDT one, though I have a feeling it won't be active again until Lord Momo returns, which will be next Summer.
Article Splitting - Right now, we have split up Aang and Katara pages, while Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Iroh, and Azula still have very long pages and have those Split templates sitting on them. This project is also pretty much a fail. There is 'supposed to be a group of users in charge of this, but, of course, we can correlate that to the first example.
There are other more pesky, minor things, but, currently, I think we really need to resolve these two issues. The Splitting stuff can be done by a couple volunteers (I'll help), but I think the User Group issue needs discussion.- Vaznock
I agree. I think that the User Groups are no longer required, they do nothing anyway. And several discussion are just ending with no decision being made. I will also help with article splitting, if we need to.--Avatar

So, as stated the user groups thing never really worked and article splitting is getting us far. And discussions are that. No resolution, answer, anything. But, this is not our fault. For most, school has started again and we are still adjusting. The discussion issue can be handeled quite simply, if a discussion has seemingly ended without reaching a resolution then try to start it up again. A template can be placed too, for a prototype see here. The user groups needs to be closed down, they never did anything. And article splitting needs to organize themselves and try to finish up.

My fellow Avatar Wikians, ask not what Avatar Wiki can do for you. Ask what you can do for Avatar Wiki.

I believe that by following the previous quote we can, once again, make this wiki better than before.

To help, I have gathered a list of unfinished discussions, please try to reslove them:

* Discussion about finishing some unfinished projects and discussion
* Discussion about creating a fanon magazine/newsletter--still not completely done
* Discussion about creating a page to help newer fanon authors/readers
* The End for the Community Portal
* A user of the month featured on the main page

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