*insert generic opening pun*
*insert generic generic pun over old meme*

Now, that that's out of the way, let's get to it. Did you Avatar Wikians know that we haz forums! They're off-site and wonderfully inactive. Several months ago, they replaced our wonderful wiki forums. Why? I will let Joeyaa, explain.

IRC Logs

[2010-09-04 19:35:36] *ChanServ* [#wikia-Avatar] Welcome to Avatar Wiki's official channel!

[2010-09-04 19:40:12] * Avt[away] sees a canadian..

[2010-09-04 19:59:04] <Avt[away]> Hey, Canadian, why don't we use our on-wiki forums?

[2010-09-04 20:00:26] <canadian> because they suck

[2010-09-04 20:00:56] * Avt[away] needs more convincing.

[2010-09-04 20:01:00] <Avt[away]> I find that most users can adapt.

[2010-09-04 20:01:29] <Avt[away]> There must be something more important than that.

[2010-09-04 20:01:35] <canadian> no

End of IRC Logs

Avt is confused. Apparently our wiki forums, suck and people can't adapt. Sucks, how the crap are we gonna deal with global warming? </sarcasm> So, rather than throw away our very beautiful off-wiki site, let's keep both.

*Randome Dude: Both?*
*Aang: Both?*
*Phoenix King Ozai: Both?*
*Sokka: Yes, BOTH*

how will this work, you may ask? Well, on most other wikis, who have forums they do this:

  • On-Wiki Forums
  • Off-Wiki forums
    • Movie Discussion
    • TV Series discussion
    • Fanon Discussion
      • Fan (Art) Discussion
    • Forum Games/Contests

So, the On-Wiki forums, deal with the wiki while the Off-Wiki forums (Message Board) deals with the community and discussing the series. It's a win-win. Now, it's easier for newer users to ask for help, with the wiki, and once they're a part of the community they can join the message board (which would have help with forms threads). I realize that lots of hard work (and some money) has gone into this, but now, we're lightening your server load so you won't need to ask for large donations.

The Two-Forums, One-Wiki Proposal

Discuss in the Comments.

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