As some of you The Phoenix Chronicles readers (btw thanks for reading) may have noticed the following:

You are beginning to hate Hai's guts.

No worries, this is a common side affect of Character Doucheria, a growing plague here at the Fanon Portal. However it's up to us to decided on Hai's Final Fate.

So, basically, I've had some "ideas" for Hai lately and want to see what everyone thinks (no I'm not giving away spoilers..maybe). So here's the poll, which at the end of the week I will check and decide on the plot of the story.

Your opinion on Hai:

The poll was created at 02:05 on August 9, 2010, and so far 14 people voted.

Oh, and those spoilers for Taken, enjoy :

Mian looked up from the small and old prison cell. He at the remnants of his stale loaf of bread and looked around the old single-cell police station. He could hear footsteps outside the small building, and watched as his captor, Jeong entered with a smirk.

“Well, boy, looks like I’m not killing you. Governor wants you alive, turn him in, and I’m promised a high-ranking position!”

Mian smirked “Sure, Jeong? He might betray you…you can never trust friends…or anyone for that matter.”

Jeong seemed angry at the young avatar, but rather smiled. “I’m getting a reward for you…that’s why...I’m not going to kill you.” As though reassuring himself, he left the small building.

Mian looked around, and sighed, it had been a week. His friends were gone…He knew they weren’t far…why hadn’t they come after him? With a sigh, he focused and meditated.

The Air in front of him shimmered. A man in his 20s in air nomad clothes, seemed to appear, but it was very faint.

“Yes, avatar? What is it?” said the air nomad

Hint: It's not Aang.

Bigger Hint: It's not an air nomad.

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