I present to the members of Avatar Wiki, an unimaginable feat has been done. Without further ado: Category:Uncategorized fanon . That's right, the fanon is all categorized based on Property, Bending, Nationality, Series, Help Requirements, etc. Just today I categorized the last of it, and thinking that it was simply crazy that there is no Fanon in the Uncategorized Fanon Category, one of our biggest problems a while ago, has been (for now) resolved. However, I'm not the only one who has helped in this. Special Shout out goes to:

  • The Bos - Big help, recently, me and him have torn the category down.
  • Waterkai, SuperFlash, Vaznock, Zukofanon (the Fanon Admins) - Also a big help, with tons of support with deleting the old fanon and categorizing.
  • All of the users for how much they've helped.

It might not seem like much, but there was a day when this category was too large to even be considered to have been shrunk, much less having none left. So, AW does have several issues we're overcoming from inactivity to the new forums to vandalism, but we're over coming them one by one. One down, just a couple left to go. Soon, we'll be at our peak, yet again.

Onward and Upward!

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