File:Battle for the South.png
Any hard-core Phoenix Chronicles reader will know the Phoenix Arc started days ago. The most recent chapter of that arc is Guardians. If you aren't up to date on your Phoenix, then allow me to update you. This entire series is about the new Avatar and all of his friends. There is a new country called the Phoenix Islands, their leader is ironically called a "Phoenix King". They were ruled by the Fire Nation, until Zuko freed them. Now, they suffer under a evil king. He despises the water tribe, for some unknown reason, and has started a war with them. The avatar then tried to get them back, by attacking one of their cities. However, it tragically failed. They then went back to the Water tribe and fought off the invaders. Then they snuck into the Islands, and are hiding out there. Right now they are waiting for word from the tribe. Meanwhile, they cause chaos in the Islands. So, start reading!

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