Several things I want to go over, fairly quickly. Please bear with me.

Shout Outs

I think that I should give some shout outs to some of our coolest fanon users, here. As school is starting again, it is very difficult to keep our fanon up, but not impossible.

MightyBrit - His fanon is too much awesome sauce. He's also a rollback user, a good friend, and a trusted member of our community.

Dudewaldo4 - Waldo rocks. End of Story, don't argue. His fanon is pure genius, and one I follow.

The Bos - You know why. If you don't...take more medication.

Vaznock - Vaznock is one cool cat, and an awesome fanon admin and author.

SuperFlash101 - Flash is there, every day on IRC (not right now..he's on vacay) and is a very large contributor.

I would also like to give a big "Welcome to the Fanon (Good Side) of the Wiki" to our newer members VJavatar, Suzon, Courage, Evatar, Drake Lester, etc. Welcome to the Fanon Portal guys, I know that writing fanon is a little hard, but keep trying you're all getting better.

The avatar's Upper Path

Way of the Spirit has been ratified. We need a stricter fanon deletion policy. Suggestions are open, leave them in the comments, below. ( doin your mom ?)

Fanon Awards

What? Who? Why? Where? - Sorry that was my confused uncle, he's visiting. yes, we're doing fanon awards, they will start in the coming weeks. All nominations have been pre-selected by the Awards Council. We believe we made a fair choice. If you feel your fanon should be considered, leave a comment on my talk page.

Featured Fanon

On a more serious note, I think we're starting to run out of featured-worthy fanon. As I said here, I think if there isn't one, we can simply remove the box until one arrives.


Have another fanon wiki you write on/read? Let us know, and we might affiliate with them, in accordance to the affiliation process but rather, they would be linking to the fanon portal of course.

My Fanonz

PhC - Working on it, it's on a temporary hiatus as I adjust my schedule to school.

KR - Twilit and I are doing the next two chaps, in an exciting two parter. Coming soon to Webpages near you

TOK - Finishing stuff, it'll be out soon.

SD - Very difficult format to write in, next chap, coming soon.

Guides and Chiz

I hope people have read and find the guide, useful. If anyone has any suggestions leave them on the talk, and we can update it.


I am so confused.

Other If there's anything else, anyone wants to say, that's why we have blog comments people. Use them.

See ya on the flip side,

This is Avt, signing off.

Coming Up

Next on Avatar Fanon News Network: Giu has proclaimed himself a member of the dark side, and shall be joining Darth Vader, President Snow, Kronos, He-who-shall-not-be-named-or-they-would-be-seriously-screwed-like-they-will-fricking-torture-you-sucks-right?-so-don't-say-his-name and Charlie the Unicorn to create "Every Villain is Lemons". What does Ray have to say about this? Stay Tuned, to see Giu get beat up.

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Please remember to stay civil. This means that you should not harass other users or their views.

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