Today, members of the Fanon Community, I have been..enlightened. I have seen one of the few fanon wikis greater than our own. I have stuided their doctrine, their way of doing things. And from them, I present, The avatar's Upper Path. (parody)

Let it Begin!


Fanonic Communities are tied together via our will to create. To Alter. TO CHANGE THE VERY WAYS of the canonical community. To create our own truths. That's what we're here for. And The avatar's Upper Path shall be your guide. :p

Way of the Ninja

The Way of the Ninja (WoN) is a major participant of the Upper Path. Here, we establish, a collaboration. We use our capabilities to create. To Envision. The World of Avatar, is limited. There is limited knowledge, limited creatures, limited everything. We must break that. A true universe is forever expanding, and we shall make it so!

We can create a new "age". You see, the Avatar World is very limited, there are slight mentions of wars, of previous eras. What happened then? It is our duty to find out. And that we shall! I propose the creation of a "FanProj" (Fanon Project). This FanProj, shall focus on creating a new age. Most of our fanons, delve into the future. Some go a little into the past. We look into the histories of some characters. But, what if...we created a whole new age? With varying characters. Varying Everything. We could make one of long ago: The Age before the Avatar/Early Avatar Age. There we can expand. We establish the setting, and users are given the capability to expand, to create their own fanon. (similar to COW except more "serious", in a way. We're creating a whole new age.)

Way of the Dragon

The Way of the Dragon (WoD) is one of growth, one of expansion, one of development. We must establish links with other Fanon Communities. It is righteous. I propose we begin to affiliate with other respectable fanon wikis/sites. We can add links to them from us, and vice versa. Even a page about them. (Avatar Wiki Example, Other Canon Wiki, Other Fanon Wiki) . It is righteous, so we shall follow. UPDATE: Proposal Ratified

Way of the Pirate

Pirates Suck.

Way of the Spirit

The Way of the Spirit (WoS) seeks that we establish a powerful culture that emanates far behind our borders. We should seek a level of culture and standards. We have to enforce them. Is our 30 days policy, too weak? We must be firm. We should seek to heighten our already high standards. We are currently one of the best, why not the best?

That, sirs, is The avatar's Upper Path. We should follow it for it is most righteous. Which one do you support? Vote and Comment.

Based on these results, we can call an IRC meeting or forum discussion

Which Way?

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Please remember to stay civil. This means that you should not harass other users or their views.

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