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  • Make sure the channel says #wikia-avatarfanon not #wikia-Avatar



That's right, there will be Fanon IRC Meeting on July 11, 2010. (Check below for regional times). The Avatar Fanon Community is fairly large, but sadly with little coordination as of late. So, we've decided to have an IRC meeting to decide on things as a community. All Fanon Authors and Readers are Welcome! This includes all of our newer and older authors, and all of their readers. Here's a general list of what we shall be discussing:

  • Clash of Worlds 3
  • New Fanon
  • Fanon Magazine
  • General Business

Here are the regional times:

  • United States/Canada West Coast (Los Angeles, Vancouver) - 3pm or 1500 hours, Saturday
  • United States/Canada Mid-east (Chicago, Dallas) - 5pm or 1700 hours, Saturday
  • United States/Canada East Coast (New York City, Washington D.C.) - 6pm or 1800 hours, Saturday
  • Eastern Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) - 8am or 0800 hours, Sunday
  • Great Britain/Western Europe (London, Paris) - 11pm or 2300 hours, Saturday

Everyone should make their best attempt to join us, especially if they are major fanon authors. If there is a conflict, please say so, and we shall understand. It is highly suggested that all Fanon Admins be present.

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Please remember to stay civil. This means that you should not harass other users or their views.

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