Hey, everyone! The Finale to Book 1 of The Phoenix Chronicles: The Game of War and Eternal Blaze..are out! I have taken a long time to write them, however, these are not the small chapters of the past. These are over about 2-3,000 words per chapter. So, to the plot!

When we left, everyone was waiting for the invasion, except Sky who was "relieving" himself. So, what happens in these two climatic chapters? Plans? Hostages? Enemies? Traitors? Pie? Airships? Navies? Explosions? Nuclear Weapons? Avatar State? Love? Mass Destruction of Major Cities? Armies? Destruction of the Universe? Merge of several Fanon Universes, for a comedic purpose and amusement of ourselves? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I wish. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Maybe. Yes. Maybe. I think so. Yes. Maybe. I don't know..what's this link here for? So, as you can see, tons of awesome, destruction, pie, and all that good stuff.

Book 2 and Other Cool Stuff


Nope, actually, I'm canceling the series. Sorry. You see, it turns out that..I'm just kidding. Heck yeah, I'm writing Book 2. It'll be epic action, epic destruction, epic awesome. However, on a more serious note, it will take a while. I plan on expanding PhC Universe pages, and do some writing/pre-planning. Formerly Minor or forgotten characters will come back, and so will new ones. And then there is of course, my new fanon: Avatar: The Old Kingdom. Which will come out around the end of Book 2, or so.

Stay Awesome.

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