So, if you guys have been checking out the Chap page, then you know Book 1 is almost over! Yeah, it's taken a while, but yeah it's finally over (almost)!

(waits for oooh!s and Aaaah!s and Awesome!s)

lol. Anyway, Messages (which I was delaying forever :p) is finally out! If you didn't read it by now, then I would because there are spoilers, following. Gasp!

So, yep, those crazy people named after a weird bird are at it again. Now, they want to take over the Fire Nation. Zura, the prince, is obviously p'd off and goes off with his friends. There they find the place all tense, hence the name of the next chapter. Then, as I'm sure that you can guess, the islands attack! I bet you are thinking those guys are nuts, fighting the greatest army. Well, buddy, you better read this this little treaty. Because of that the four nations (not Phoenix Islands, because they did not exist) disarmed. This led to a huge depression in the Fire Nation, which they recently came out of. However, the Islanders never signed it and now "technically" have an army equal if not more powerful than the others. So, everybody's freaking out..what happens? Do they Win or do they surrender? Find out by reading!.


This part is to answer all those questions, that I think you will have. If your question isn't here ask on this blog or Ask at the Q/A Page.


  1. Do they win? Do they win?
  2. Does so-and-so hook up with so-and-so?
  3. What is wrong with those Islanders?
  4. Why do you take so long between chapters?
  5. Are you gonna re-write the original chapters?
  6. What if...?
  7. Hey, I have a suggestion/chapter idea...?
  8. Can I help write/guest-write?
  9. I want some behind the scenes stuff.


  1. Who and When? Does team strike win at the end? I don't know, you have to wait like all the other people. sorry.
  2. Eh..maybe. I might make a page about that. If you read some chapters you can see who I want together, but that I might change.
  3. Nothing. It's their king who is messed up. If you read the nation page. (It's okay if you didn't), you would know that the Islands used to be peaceful until this idiot came along. What he has against humanity? I don't know go ask Sozin, Azulon, and Ozai.
  4. I, like many, am at school and I don't have a lot of free time to write. I apologize, and do try to make chapters come out on a schedule.
  5. Maybe. I've been thinking of it. Most of the original chapters..sucked. So, the answer is they might. So keep your eyes peeled!
  6. If this is a What and so did this? then I don't care. Sorry, I'm happy you're reading and enjoying my fanon and I love it that you are making fanon on fanon, but if you really want me to know just say it on my Talk. Thanks.
  7. That's great! You can suggest it here or at my Talk.
  8. I don't know. I'm not currently actively looking for a co-writer. If you want you could give me your idea on my talk, or more privately on IRC. However, you must have a username.
  9. I've been thinking about adding that to chapter pages. If you just want my opinion or spoilers just ask me on my talk page or on IRC.

So, thanks everybody for reading my blog-post. I hope you all enjoy the fanon, and feel free to ask questions below! --Avatar Talk

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