As you probably guessed we're celebrating our 5th birthday! That means we've been serving your Avatar fandom for 5 long years! Our official 5th year mark was hit last week, so we might as well do a recap of our long history. Click [expand] below to view a short timeline, or visit Avatar Wiki:About for a more thorough recap:

We have a pretty extensive history and have endeavoured to continue to provide our readers with the highest quality site available. One of our more recent endeavours was to unite with non-English Avatar Wikis to form a network. You can see our network page at, along with our new Avatar forums and Q&A site, both linked from that page.

As we try and make more and more of a better and more interesting site for you, our readers, we often come into the problem of lack of funds: Avatar Wiki is non-profit, we run off our user's contributions, free hosting from Wikia (which comes with loads of ads for logged-out users), and really cheap hosting of our network stuff by a user here. One way to help compensate for this, is we're starting to ask for donations (anything will help) so we can help pay for current and future developments. If you enjoy our articles and don't mind helping us out with any bit you can, please use the form on the right to enter a donation. We really appreciate it, and are excited to see what these donations can bring to Avatar Wiki!

Anyway, happy 5th Birthday Avatar Wikians, and you crazy Wiki, you!

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