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Avatar: Legend of Korra

If you're a big, Avatar (the airbender not the alien) Fan, then you've heard of it. We've all heard of it. Avatar: Legend of Korra, the sequel to our favorite: Avatar:The Last Airbender. So, here are some epic updates:

  • Korra's got the skillz: First off, she (yes, it's a female avatar) is from the southern water tribe and has already mastered Water, Earth, and Fire . Now she's off to learn Air. She's also a rebellious, passionate, and fearless teen so don't mess with her.
  • Air? you be playin! : Nope, Korra learns Airbending, from Aang and Katara's son, Tenzin.
  • I love the smell of NYC: So, there's a new city, Republic City, full of crime and destruction. It's where people from all four nations live, and is the epicenter of the world.
  • But how they got those skyscrapers, yo? : - It takes place, about 70 years after the last airbender, so it's a fairly huge timeskip for some technological advances. Let's all hope, that they now have indoor plumbing.
  • She got a sokka and a katara? : - Nothing's been confirmed on whether she does or doesn't have a team. We've only heard of her and Tenzin so far.
  • So whoz it for? : - It's for the same audience but has some more mature content, balanced out with the fun and jokes as always.
  • Anything else, dawg? : Any other incoming updates will be posted below, just hit expand.

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