Define: Lazy-

  1. indolence: inactivity resulting from a dislike of work
  2. relaxed and easy activity;

That is my main reason for inactivity. D: A shame. However, for several weeks I lacked a major purpose of continuing the fanon and often considered just shutting it down. None the less, I've decided to continue in PhC, because I just love the fanon too much. Thus I relased, Governor. I realize it's a little short, but it had to set up the basis for the future chapters. A major piece of the plot, a new nation! Sort of. How? Who? Why? Pie? Well, you gotta read to find out.

I see the wiki has progressed steadily, and of course it shall with our awesome admins and their wonderful Fanon counterparts. And of course, who can forget my friends in the Rollback Dept.? I like this Avatar Wiki Network, networking to other languages, is always a good thing. Expanding the community.

Also, a special congrats to my good friends and co-fanon authors:

Bos- Guardian is doing great, and I apologize for not being able to write the chapter. I'll try to get on something, soon.

Flash- Can't wait for Fanon:Forgive Me, Lord..., it's going to be great.

Vaz and Kai- KR, amazing as always. And yes, Governor Chen's name came from Chen

Twilit - I'm a big fan of ATLE and Wanted, both are amazing as always.

And I will be on IRC for a while, so feel free to come on guys.

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