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    how will this work, you may ask? Well, on most other wikis, who have forums they do this:

    • On-Wiki Forums
      • Help Desk
      • Voting Forums (Forum:Improvements and Issues)
      • Wiki-related
    • Off-Wiki forums
      • Movie Discussion
      • TV Series discussion
      • Fanon Discussion
        • Fan (Art) Discussion
      • Forum Games/Contests

    So, the On-Wiki forums, deal with the wiki while the Off-Wiki forums (Message Board) deals with the community and discussing the series. It's a win-win. Now, it's easier for newer users to ask for help, with the wiki, and once they're a part of the community they can join the message board (which would have help with forms threads). I realize that lots of hard work (and some money) has gone into this, but now, we're lightening your server load so you won't need to ask …

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    Follow Up

    September 5, 2010 by The avatar

    Several things I want to go over, fairly quickly. Please bear with me.

    Shout Outs

    I think that I should give some shout outs to some of our coolest fanon users, here. As school is starting again, it is very difficult to keep our fanon up, but not impossible.

    - His fanon is too much awesome sauce. He's also a rollback user, a good friend, and a trusted member of our community.
    - Waldo rocks. End of Story, don't argue. His fanon is pure genius, and one I follow.
    - You know why. If you don't...take more medication.
    - Vaznock is one cool cat, and an awesome fanon admin and author.
    - Flash is there, every day on IRC (not right now..he's on vacay) and is a very large contributor.

    I would also like to give a big "Welcome to the Fanon (Good Side)…

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    Fanon Proposals

    August 29, 2010 by The avatar

    Today, members of the Fanon Community, I have been..enlightened. I have seen one of the few fanon wikis greater than our own. I have stuided their doctrine, their way of doing things. And from them, I present, The avatar's Upper Path. (parody)

    Let it Begin!


    Fanonic Communities are tied together via our will to create. To Alter. TO CHANGE THE VERY WAYS of the canonical community. To create our own truths. That's what we're here for. And The avatar's Upper Path shall be your guide. :p

    Way of the Ninja

    The Way of the Ninja (WoN) is a major participant of the Upper Path. Here, we establish, a collaboration. We use our capabilities to create. To Envision. The World of Avatar, is limited. There is limited knowledge, limited creatures, limited…

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    So, it looks like The Last Airbender phase is over. Thank God. Movie could have used some work. But enough of how I didn't like the movie. Let's take a look at some of those funky things, directors call stats.

    The Last Failbender?

    For the most part, The Last Airbender was not well received by those who watched the original series or who were die-hard fans (that covers most of us here). It seems that non-watchers didn't mind, but that didn't stop them from still giving it a bad review.

    • Wooden Dialogue
    • Why does he scream so much for a 12 year old?
    • Kyoshi Warriors? ( promised to be introduced in TLA 2)
    • It's not Oong. It never was.

    Those are all some basic things we have against it.

    The Last Airbender 2 and 3

    Anyways, TLA 2 and 3 (Book 2 and 3) are sti…

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    As some of you readers (btw thanks for reading) may have noticed the following:

    You are beginning to hate 's guts.

    No worries, this is a common side affect of Character Doucheria, a growing plague here at the Fanon Portal. However it's up to us to decided on Hai's Final Fate.

    So, basically, I've had some "ideas" for Hai lately and want to see what everyone thinks (no I'm not giving away spoilers..maybe). So here's the poll, which at the end of the week I will check and decide on the plot of the story.

    Oh, and those spoilers for , enjoy :

    Mian looked up from the small and old prison cell. He at the remnants of his stale loaf of bread and looked around the old single-cell police station. He could hear footsteps outside the small building, and wat…

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