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August 19, 2010
  • The White Lotus

    I know that this has been asked by another user somewhere but, what character is your favourite?

    I honestly cannot choose. My favourites have to be:





    -Ty Lee


    They are listed as most favourited at the top in ascending order. I'd like to say Sukki is my favourite but then I say that I like Iroh and I can't just have one favourite haha, so I have compiled it down to my top six.

    Thanks for reading and please comment :)

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  • The White Lotus

    The Film

    August 22, 2010 by The White Lotus

    I really don't know wether to see the film or not because I'm worried it will ruin the series for me. The clips that I have see look really inaccurate and no Kyoshi warriors wtf? M Night Shamalayn could of laid the story out better in my opinion and made the film a bit longer. First blog post on here so yeah comment if you want etc.

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