The Walking Inferno

aka Inferno

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  • The Walking Inferno

    Long Feng was wandering down a lone dirt path that wound down a mountain all the way down to the coast. He was wearing his usual Dai li uniform and walking in his usual fashion with his hands behind his back. Trees stood tall with their green leaves at both sides of the pathway, creating a shelter from the rain and a home for birds.

    Many thoughts loomed on his mind like a scar. All the things he did for his nation were now meaningless. That Airbender ruined the peace he worked so hard to achieve since he was a young boy. And now, he was a traitor. Banished from Ba Sing Se. Dragged out by his once loyal army.

    Had he been lying to himself? Long Feng had never regretted anything before in his life. But now... he wasn't so sure any more. Was it …

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