It has recently occurred to me that several of Avatar Wiki's canonical character relationships pages are under construction and require editing to meet certain quality standards. Therefore, a new user group was created called the Council of Shippers whose members will devote their time to make these much needed amends.

Page Quality

As you will notice, several relationships pages bear editing notices, notifying users that extensive editing is required in order to improve the article's quality to match Wiki's standards. Despite efforts by the community to clean up grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc, many of these pages still require improvement, thus, the Council of Shippers came into existence.

Our Goal

The Council of Shippers is a group dedicated to the improvement of content in relationships pages. Through extensive rewrites and major edits, we hope to expand article information, fix grammatical and spelling errors and enhance the diction overall. Through hard work and persistence, we intend to upgrade articles to the extent where editing notices can be justifiably removed.

Further information on membership requirements and our goals are detailed in this article.


  • Users who wish to join the Council of Shippers must be regular contributors with considerable editing experience and a history of strong edits.
  • The Council of Shippers is not a social group. Users who join the group for the sole purpose of socializing with the other members will be removed from the group.
  • Users who wish to join must request for membership by appealing to one of the current members of the group.
  • Users who demonstrate a lack of effort and do not contribute in the achievement of the group's goal will be subject to removal from the group.

Join the Fight

So now, my fellow Wikians, I ask that you seriously consider applying for membership in the Council of Shippers. We are open to any help and support and could use as many members as possible to accomplish said goal. If you already involved in three other user groups (the limit of groups you can join is three), that's fine. We do hope, however, that you aid in editing the relationships pages anyway. All contributions to these pages will be much appreciated!

Current Members


The Council of Shippers has come to the conclusion that a maximum of seven users will be allowed to join this group. We are sorry to say, but all of these positions are currently filled and we will not be accepting any further requests unless otherwise stated.

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