One thing is for sure and it's that we all have our favorite Avatar characters. We all have ones we admire, ones we look up to as role models, or aspire to be like which just proves how superior the character development is in Avatar. It's absolutely amazing at how real-to-life these characters are to the extent where we grow to love, sympathize, empathize, or plain adore them.

So Now...

So now the question is, what character or characters do you resemble in both looks and personality? Who do you feel represents you the best?


This character represents your personality fully. He or she replicates your actions and behavior in almost any way imanginable.


This character is practically the spitting image of you, at least in animated form. They bear a very striking resemblence to you or are at least very similar to you.



Please try to be honest when answering these questions. If you don't want to answer a particular question, that's totally fine.

Character Choice

The least amount of characters you choose to represent you, the better. For each of these two questions, try to limit your choices to three characters. Remember, you don't have to single out every aspect of the question, so you don't need to give a list of characters that represent the smallest detail of your character. Try to keep it basic.

My Matchup


As far as personality goes, I am most like Katara. Like Katara, I'm kind, patient and love helping out people. I'm gentle and sensible, yet also stubborn and strong-headed. Like her, I'm neither a true girly-girl nor a tomboy.


I have to admit, I really don't resemble Katara as far as looks go. Should I be made into animated form, I would most likely look like Hama in her youth. I have her hair color and length and her facial features. I have a slightly darker skintone than she does and my eyes are brown while hers are gray, but overall, she is the closest matchup to me. Young Hama is pretty, though.

So think a little bit and then answer the question as to who represents you the most.

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