Hello fellow Wikians! Well, I was initially going to create this blog post on November 26, 2011, the day that would commemorate my one-year anniversary on Avatar Wiki, but I decided that was too long a wait from now. So without further ado, I bring you this way-earlier-than-expected blog!

Starting Out

Okay, so we were all newbies at one point on this site. We all started out unfamiliar with the users, unsure of how to make quality edits and where to improve. Some of us adapted pretty quickly to the workings of this site and made ourselves at home while others, like myself, took a bit of time to adjust to everything, but in the end, we moved on from being newbies to experienced users.

So how did you start out on Wiki? Did you get the hang of things pretty quickly or did you kind of wander around a bit? Did you harass other users with billions of questions about things like adding templates? Who did you first talk to?

A Thank You...

Okay, I have to thank Vulmen because he was the one who encouraged me to get an account in the first place in an old comment on the Shippings page. Although the first person I really talked to was The Crystal Bender.

Most Memorable Moments

Ah yes, good ol' memories... From your first edit to meeting another user for the first time who you later became good friends with to anything else you can think of.

So now here comes the big question: What were some of your greatest memories on Wiki? It could be anything from an IRC conversation to starting your first fanon. What were some of your best moments on this site and what made them so great in your eyes?

In My Eyes...

Memorable moments include:

  • Earning a Silver Pieces Badge for the very first time
  • Starting both my fanons, WANWTE and Cold-blooded|CB]]
  • Becoming a rollback
  • Some crazy IRC conversations

Intentions for the Future

Now that we've flashed back to the past, what about the future? What goals or wishes do you have on this Wiki? What do you intend to have happen that you would love to see?


  • To complete both my fanons
  • To see Katara's profile picture changed (although, I've kind of gotten over this)
  • To see and help "needs help" articles improve
  • To help complete all the episode transcripts


Don't list any bad memories on this Wiki you have, if you do have any. Be nice and be friendly. And most importantly, just have fun; that's all I can say. =D

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