I know there are a lot of Avatar fans out there who would love to live in the amazing World of Avatar. I see comments being posted every day by users, both anonymous and registered, that express strong desires to be able to live out as one the characters or possess a certain bending ability. Who wouldn't want to see what it's like to live in the Avatar World, to be able to bend any element, to travel anywhere in the fantastical world we have all come to love? It would be simply amazing.

Now, let's be realistic. Obviously we're not going to wake tomorrow morning, open our door and see this great beem of light emnating from a portal that will instantly warp us from the real word to the World of Avatar. It is somewhat unfortunate that will never happen, but I know that doesn't stop many of us from thinking about how we would live out our lives if we crossed over to that world. Think of how incredible it would be to see all the sites, the hybrid animals and your favorite characters.

I'd give anything to spend just a week or two living in the Avatar World. I'd either live as Katara or live as my own character in the summer of 100 AG, shortly after the War. I would, without a doubt, be a master Waterbender and a chi-blocker as well. I would travel to the Northern Water Tribe, Ba Sing Se, Ember Island, the Fire Nation Capital and at least one of the Air Temples. I would spend a lot of time my time Waterbending not for practice, just for for fun, and traveling around, too.

So what would you do if you had two weeks (and no more than two weeks, okay?) to live in the Avatar World? Place yourself anytime in the year 100 AG or maybe even a few years later. My questions are:

  • Would you want to live as one of the known characters (i.e. live as Katara, Toph, etc.) or would you be your own character?
  • Would you have any bending abilities (let's adhere to the realities of the Avatar World and pick only one)? Any other abilities (i.e. knife-throwing abilities, chi-blocking skills, etc.)?
  • Where would you want to travel? What landmarks would you want to see?
  • Would you have your own pet? (it could be any type of animal in the Avatar World)
  • What characters would you like to meet?
  • How would you spend your time? (training, playing, talking with other characters, traveling all over, etc.)

We'd all love to live in the Avatar World, I can 100% guarantee that. You don't have to answer any of my questions; I'm not asking you to, but I'm curious to know what your "vacation" would be like!

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