The following is a notice I received from Suzon via e-mail on Sunday August 12, which he requested be made known to the community:

"Due to a medical emergency, I will not be on wikia for at least a month. I had a mishap with a firearm. AUTHORS OF VORTEX, please work on it, I'll try to email ARG what I have written of the prologue, and yes Omar067 will still contribute, through email. Ice, goodbye, I'll email you too. EVERYONE ELSE, I will be back, but not for at least a month. WLS STAFF, ARG can take over as editor for me. Get that issue out soon. TO THE WIKI, I will miss you guys, and I will come back soon, hopefully. BlackMonkey, work on Chapter Two please. BYE EVERYONE!"

So yes, he will be absent for at least one month. To Suzon, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope you can resume work on the wiki as soon as possible. =)

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