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  • The Ultimate Waterbender

    The following is a notice I received from via e-mail on Sunday August 12, which he requested be made known to the community:

    "Due to a medical emergency, I will not be on wikia for at least a month. I had a mishap with a firearm. AUTHORS OF VORTEX, please work on it, I'll try to email ARG what I have written of the prologue, and yes Omar067 will still contribute, through email. Ice, goodbye, I'll email you too. EVERYONE ELSE, I will be back, but not for at least a month. WLS STAFF, ARG can take over as editor for me. Get that issue out soon. TO THE WIKI, I will miss you guys, and I will come back soon, hopefully. BlackMonkey, work on Chapter Two please. BYE EVERYONE!"

    So yes, he will be absent for at least one month. To Suzon, we wish you a…

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  • The Ultimate Waterbender

    Most of us are familiar with the name, Gene Luen Yang, author of the The Promise trilogy that tells us about Team Avatar's adventures after the end of the War. Recently, ComicsAlliance has interviewed Gene Yang, asking him not only about the comics themselves, but his thoughts on the Avatar series and how it all ended.

    For the entire interview see here.

    ComicsAlliance: First up, I know you're a big fan of the animated series. What was it that drew you to it?

    Gene Yang: Avatar: The Last Airbender is, to my mind, the greatest American animated series ever produced. The characters lived and breathed. The world featured fully-realized cultures and martial-arts-based magic system. The writing was funny and heart-felt and nuanced. It's no wonder there …

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  • The Ultimate Waterbender

    As some of you may know, I recently had my second fanon story on here, "Cold-blooded," deleted for a number of reasons:

    1) I hated the writing style. It's just not me...
    2) I couldn't get into the story. I tried desperately to find interest in what I was writing and failed...
    3) I couldn't find the time or the will to get anything done about it. And, no, just having it go inactive wouldn't help.
    4) The whole storyline seemed weak, in my opinion. I did rush to publish it on here without thinking much through.
    5) I have WANWTE and a strong idea for another fanon in the future.

    So I sincerely apologize to all the readers of that fanon; I just couldn't continue writing the story... I would've merely discontinued the fanon, except that all there was to…

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  • The Ultimate Waterbender

    Hello fellow Wikians! Well, I was initially going to create this blog post on November 26, 2011, the day that would commemorate my one-year anniversary on Avatar Wiki, but I decided that was too long a wait from now. So without further ado, I bring you this way-earlier-than-expected blog!

    Okay, so we were all newbies at one point on this site. We all started out unfamiliar with the users, unsure of how to make quality edits and where to improve. Some of us adapted pretty quickly to the workings of this site and made ourselves at home while others, like myself, took a bit of time to adjust to everything, but in the end, we moved on from being newbies to experienced users.

    So how did you start out on Wiki? Did you get the hang of things pretty…

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  • The Ultimate Waterbender

    From what I've seen and heard, the episode, The Desert, has generated mixed reactions from the fans of Avatar. While this episode is not one of my favorites, I do enjoy it and so here is my review of the episode:

    From what I know, if the audience didn't particularly favor this episode, they at least got some laughs out of Sokka getting high on cactus juice. The scenes of his hallucinated state were comical and amusing, something to lift the overall dark mood of this episode. Lines such as "Drink cactus juice. It'll quench you! Nothing's quenchier! It's the quenchiest!" and "Friendly mushroom! Mushy, giant friend!" have become famous, if that's what they may be called, among the fanbase. Despite being a bit of a drug reference, I find these part…

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