Hey all, this is Kuir here. Present for a desperate attempt to join FFF. Here is an interview with Kyoshidude for his fanon, Gods of War. Here it is:


Okay, so if I’m correct, Gods of War is a post-Avatar society where life has eclipsed past the spiritual and technology has replaced most everything of the past. Why brake the Avatar cycle in the beginning rather than later?

I suppose I wanted a sort of nihilistic feel to the opening of the story, and that I think makes such a feeling. It also helps me to start from scratch - I mean, in the case of characters. Instead of having the generic Avatar hero you have to come up with others with different motives and different outlooks than an Avatar. This whole 'no Avatar' will come into play as the story develops, though. It was not random.

Were you aiming for ‘the Republic’ to be like New York? Or rather more futuristic?

Possibly. I did not have any particular city in mind - besides Republic City from 'Legend of Korra.' But there are definitely inspirations from New York and probably Tokyo and Beijing.

How much time passed in the Chapter ‘Otto’? It seemed like enough for Fenn to have left his old life behind.

I'd say once Fenn joined Otto and they became successful, this continued for a month until their ring was discovered.

What scale, in your mind, is Fenn’s bending now compared to the shows’?

Well the curse he has is what increases his firebending, so I'd say he has the firebending potential and ability of that of a Fire Lord. But the styles of fighting are still very similar to the shows.

How much of Otto will we see, what with him not being friends with Fenn anymore?

Otto is a major character. He plays a significant part in all three books

How would you describe Colette? Is she cunning and ambitious, or is she blunt and forceful? Since we only saw her freeing Fenn, it seems like a pretty open palette for the future leader of Beyond.

Colette is a femme fatale. She is cunning and ambitious and seductive. But, like every character, there is a soft side - a weakness.

What is Beyond’s origins?

I can't delve too far into that but I can say that Tariq was the founder.

Of the Republic’s Council, will we see or meet any of them? Will we see coalitions of political problems or is the Republic’s government pretty unified?

We will see the Air Councilman a bit more in Book 1 and a bit of political upheaval will also come with that. Later in Book 3 there will be more political problems explored.

Did the police or anyone yet process Fenn to notice his scar? If so, was it kept quiet, given his proven power?

Nobody as of yet has discovered Fenn's scar. He keeps it pretty hidden at all times.


Beyond seems to have a pretty powerful reach, and as the prologue mentions, they have undeniable power and control. My questions is what is their interest in facing the demons? Is Republic contracting them to fight, or are they volunteering their services?

Originally Beyond volunteered their military services and as the years progressed their services became contracted with the Council.

Does Beyond have a rival power, business or entity, that we have yet to see?

Not entirely. The Council I suppose is a rival seeing as they are denying Beyond any political responsibilities.

Is there anything about the Demons you are willing to tell us for a taste of what is to come?

I can say many more demon attacks are coming. The smiling mask will return - not physically though. Book 2 will see many more demons.

Is Colette playing with Fenn or are these feelings close to genuine?

They are definitely genuine.

Is Beyond seeking just a council seat?

Beyond is hoping to become President of the Republic, thus having power over the Council. You can see why the Council is a bit unsure.

Who so far is truly in command of the Council of its members?

The command is split evenly among the Earth, Fire, Water and Non-Bender Council members. The Air Councilman has the least power - which is explained later in Book 1.

My thanks to Kyoshidude for the interview and to the readers for your time!

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