Hello all (or nobody, lol),?

So today we see the shorty story of Your Savior be made. It is the story of the Equalist Revolution from the eyes of its leader, Amon. We see his point of view as he seeks to end the era of bending, and face the opposition of benders who will defend it. Chief among them is the Avatar, Korra.?

So and with this new fanon, I'm writing, I'm also exploring a ship that has gained some older fans. No, not Lieumon, but rather Amorra. It is an interesting ship if you look at their personalities. As the piece in the Shipping article mentions; both are Water Tribe and have great destinies set upon them. Korra is the Avatar and a powerful bender, Amon is a bloodbending prodigy. Amon is a detached master while Korra is a passionate learner. Also, it is interesting that in the end, Amon admires the Avatar despite everything and wants to be that. He does so by emulating the last Avatar's power to take bending away with his own technique through bloodbending. This creates a tension as he wants to replace the Avatar, a person who is some ways, his opposite, while in others, his equal.?

So we'll see how it goes when its finished, but I expect at least a couple of, shall we say, disagreeing commenters.?

Time will tell. Until then!

- Kuir

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