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Kuir here, signing on for another FFF Interview for Fruipit’s My Meathead. A oneshot from the point of view of Toph as she reflects on her youth, loneliness, and love. In a beautiful telling, we hope for something to grow from the relationship put in words by Fruitpit. Fruitpit was kind enough to sit down for some questions.

The Interview

1. Hi Fuipit, how are you doing? I'm feeling pretty okay. Saw G. I. Joe last night, that was alright :D


2. What inspired you to write this, beside grocery shopping?

I wanted to challenge myself. I also wanted to write a romantic story that wasn't too gushy, you know? One with just the right balance of romance and angst. Hopefully I succeeded

3. I noticed a much softer tone to our classically tough heroine, was it just for the sake of the story or did you want to convey some sense of maturity that has come since Toph has grown up?

I made her sound 'softer', as you put it, because I don't think she would be so tough on herself. She is such an honest character, but she keeps her feelings hidden from everyone; to me, I think that she would tell the truth to herself. Also, as this is done retrospectively, after she found love, I think that that would affect her attitude towards herself and emotions.


4. Is it safe to say you ship Tokka or was that just the end result of this story?

I ship Toph. I think Tokka has its quirks, just like Taang. I did originally intend for this to be a Tokka, based on the evidence of Toph having a crush on him in the first place. I don't generally change my mind about pairings halfway through stories.

5. As a oneshot, do you think you got everything you wanted in the story?

Definitely. I would love to write something like this again, but I ended this story right where I wanted to. I wanted this piece to be simple, yet sophisticated with the language.

6. How come you didn’t bring up Toph’s life when she had a child? That seemed to be something that would fit.

If I wanted to continue it, I would have brought up Lin, but I didn't feel it was necessary. The point of this story was Toph battling to understand herself and find her place in the world. It was about how lonely she was, and how she overcame that. I think, if I had added Lin, it would have distracted people from the main point.

7. Did you make a reason why the ‘island warrior’ broke up with ‘Meathead’?

Nope. Again, I didn't feel it necessary. This is a story about Toph, and I have a feeling that she wouldn't care, except for the fact that Sokka was now single.

8. I was particularly fond of Toph’s ‘friends’. Which was your favorite to write about?

The Loneliness. Ahh, of course. I actually developed that as a character about halfway through the story. I have a feeling that Toph would have been an 'imaginary friend' type of child, and so naturally would personify her feelings. I actually had a lot of fun writing the Loneliness, because I didn't want to make him evil, which is what happens a t of the time when a writer tries to give something negative a voice. I don't think he would be evil, or cruel, and I wanted to show that through my writing.

9. When writing, do you identify with the characters you write about? Or do you use the disconnect as a way to write about them?

I definitely identified with Toph in this story. I think that I had to use my own experiences with being isolated to feed her character, although the idea for how her childhood had been was original. Also, I've never been 'in love', so I had to use my own personal idea of what it would feel like.


10. You used a quote from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, do you use such themes throughout your writing, or is it just if you think its appropriate?

I draw a lot of inspiration from life, I guess. From my past and experiences, and of course, what I read and watch and listen to. I just found that that quote fire, as it led into the next paragraph; however, not all of the influences are obvious. This was just a plot bunny, but I had been listening to My Immortal by Evanescence, and that inspired the mood.

11. Do you have a specific method for writing, or is it done based on the content of the story?

Uhh, write? Haha, no, I don't have a specific method. I tend to write paragraphs and scenes, and then tie them together with dialogue and actions. This story was written in two parts - the first part in write in about half an hour. It wasnt until a few days later that I came back and finished it (the second part begins as she 'finds love'). My advice when writing is to just write. It doesn't matter what; if you have a small scene that seems interesting, type it down. If you get into a routine, it gets easier. Also, read a lot.

12. With Toph as such an awesome character, would you consider writing more about her?

Definitely. I love Toph, and I don't think there's anything that could make me stop writing about her. I am trying to write other characters, but it just doesn't feel the same. I want to try different ideas and aspects of her personality.

13. Finally, do you have any other plans for fanon writing that you would like to share with us?

Of course! To my loyal followers of When Past Meets Present, the story is going to be so much darker than I had anticipated, due to a mix of watching the Swedish Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, my own mood, and reading other horribly depressing stories. I have a plan, though, so don't worry. Also, if anyone wants me to write something for a prompt, just let me know, because I have about 20 stories started, but I've lost the inspiration to finish them. Thanks for reading, though - your reviews and comments are a blessing, trust me.

Thanks to Fruipit for the time to interview and to our readers.

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