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Hey there! Kuir here with another interview. Today we are speaking with the author of the Legend of Sasuke, Phoenixbender.

1. Hey, Phoenix, what's up?

- Nothing much. I'm doing good.

2. Okay, so Sasuke is the the second Avatar after Korra, what did you do to show he was a Fire Avatar to make him stand out from the rest?

- He used firebending in the first paragraph of the first chapter. He is a reluctant hero and not brash and hotheaded unlike most firebenders. This makes him a reluctant hero. It makes him stand out for a Fire Avatar.

3. Would you like to give us some reference to timeline and events? Like maybe how long after the Legend of Korra this is?

- 10,100 years after the ending of The Era of Raava. This is because of what will be explained a bit later.

4. You quite quiclky bring up that modern technology could bring about bending. How did that work?

- The History teacher thought that the previous Avatar used some secret technology to restore airbending but was not sure how it would work. The truth is: it is impossible. Energybending is the only way to give bending.

5. Sasuke doesn't seem too excited about being the Avatar, does he? What exactly has he learned about them to surmise their life as "pain and responsibility"?

- He has learned that they have had to waste their life doing duty to the world. They must fight off evil. He just wanted a normal life. Roku was even killed by Sozin while doing his duty.

6. So Sasuke did Pro-Bending to run away, didn't he worry that they would find him with his face plastered in the media?

- The face helmet always helps.

7. Would you like to tell us a little bit about the Society of the Phoenix?

- I'm not gonna spoil the whole story but I'll say a small amount. They are a theocracy made up of all phoenixbenders. They have a religious leader, currently Ozam. They have lived underground ever since the beggining of time with the Great Phoenix. When the Avatar came into existence, the Phoenix was killed by the resonation of energybending. But he could be reborn if they could kill the Avatar for good.

8. How about this phoenixbending?

- Its a way to drain others chi. It is waterlike and flamelike. High doses can be fatal. It can make people tired or be paralyzed with enough hits. When the Great Phoenix is alive their power increases tenfold. This is why they were super powerful during the time when the Phoenix was temporarily reborn into the sky during Lunar Dissolation. Phoenixbending can reach into the spirit and kill it. That is why the Avatar spirit itself can be killed by them.

9. So Kael has ranked himself as Commander, huh?

- Yup. The men are pretty annoyed they have to be bossed around by a pre teen. It could possibly cause some mutinies...

10. What are Tina's abilities?

- She is almost exactly like Katara. I think she is a really good sidekick so I put a person with her personality and abilities with a different name in my fanon. But she is 12, unlike the 14 year old Katara. She is also very persuasive and this will come in handy.

11. Sasuke is learning airbending from Abbot Paitsu, is he an airbender or just an acolyte?

- He is both. As stated previously, the previous Avatar gave the acolytes airbending.

12. Why did Sasuke go to the Fire Nation before learning airbending and mastering it?

- Kael's plan was to gather the loyalty of all nations towards defeating the Society of Phoenixes. They did not have time to master the remaining three elements. Sasuke was sent to gain the loyalty of the Fire Nation because it was his home. He was able to get the Fire Lord's loyalty to the cause.

13. Kael went to Ba Sing Se?

- Yup. He gathered the Earth King's loyalty to the cause and a militia. But the angry zookeeper, I'm sure next time they go to Ba Sing Se they'll see him for sure.

14. What are the lines in this war? Is the Society alone or do they have allies? Have they permanently taken Republic City?

- They have taken over the entire URN. They do not have allies because they have been hidden since the beggining of time. They took over the Fire Nation port but it was reclaimed by Sasuke. They are trying to expand borders across the world in search of the Avatar.

15. Finally, wat are your plans for Sasuke to help him develop as a character?

- He is starting to act more mature. He is starting to face his destiny rather than run from it. He will develop even more throughout the plot throughout the story. Failures teach him. Victories show progression.

Well that's it from Phoenixbender. Want to see what the Society of the Phoenixes is up to? Read the Legend of Sasuke! 

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