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Hi there! Kuir here with another FFF interview. Today, we're with Webdog177 and his one-shot wonder, Bison Monolgues. In this hilarious story from the view of the Sky Bison, we see just what they think of the world and airbending. So let's see what he has in store for us.

1. Hello, Webdog177 how's it going?

Hey there! It's going, ya'know. Just another normal day of doing whatever it is we people do in the world.

2. So what inspired you to write this comedy?

Honestly, because I don't see many comedies out there in the Fanon world. There are comedies, of course. But I love to laugh. Not many things get me to actually laugh out loud, except for some particular things out there. Because Douglas Adams is one of my favorite writers, I tried to model the style of dry humor that he wrote his books in. Additionally, No one writes much about the Sky Bison. So... yea. :~)

3. Does this bison have any name that comes to mind?

There wasn't at first. But, at the cajoling of a few other individuals, I started a comedy series called The Bison Diaries. It is written in a similar style to that of Bison Monologues, and is narrated by Oono, the Sky Bison. So, I guess you could say that Bison Monologues was a prototype. The name of the narrator was likely Oono, still.

4. Why Liam?

I have no idea. I am actually really not a very creative person, and am really bad at coming up with names for people/things. I usually model names after things I recently see or do. I was playing Fallout 3 recently... and Liam Neeson came to mind... yea... =.=

5. I thought it was interesting to hear the first flying Bison's fate. What gave you that idea to end it so tragically?

Haha! Actually, I just thought it would be funny if the first bison to fly would end up perishing from the shock of finding him/herself flying. Honestly, I would probably die from shock if I were to fly, as well.

6. So if the markings delineate gender, how exactly would you identify these?

I'll leave that up to the readers to decide ;~)

7. It seems like Sky Bison don't like dragons, is that just for story's sake or are they jealous of massive fire-breathing lizards that don't need bending to fly?

The Bison and Dragons have an understanding up each other and leave them well enough alone. That doesn't mean that they have to like each other. They have a history there... but that will be explained in further at a later time... most likely.

8. So, do Sky Bison dislike the Badgermoles as much as the Dragons?

Oh, immensely. I mean, think about it. The Dragons fly, breathe fire, and act all smug. The Badgermoles scurry about through the ground, acting all smug. All the Bison want is to be left alone and be allowed to eat and sleep peacefully. How can they do that with all these other animals acting all smug? Don't even get them started on the Rabbit Squirrels. :~D

9. Did all the Bison name their 'pets'?

Probably. Wouldn't you? I mean, they are so cute! Who wouldn't want to name them?

10. Finally, what can we expect from the Bison Diaries, for those who haven't read it?

Well, my intent is to have a community-driven comedy series. The concept of the Bison Diaries is to elighten the readers on the different views and thoughts on the Sky Bison. The fun thing I want to do with it is have the community, essentially the readers, come up with the content ideas. I want the readers to think up fun things that they want to hear the Bison's thoughts on. It could be anything, really, providing it is in the Avatar universe. Once an idea is put up by the readers, Oono will write a diary entry on it.

I'm hoping it will be a fun comedy series that is largely expanded by the reader community.

That's it from Webdog for now. Read the hilarious Bison Monologues for yourself and then move onto the Bison Diaries! Until next time!

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