• The Snowbold

    Hey there! The Snowbold here with a very belated (its not even funny) interview for the FFF! Today we are speaking with Gingalover for Avatar: The Revision. This modification for the Last Airbender has some noticeable alterations to our beloved TLA that will make for interesting changes. Lets talk with the author about some things he did in this fanon as it just begins to delve into Book II.

    1. Hey, Gingalover, what's up?
    - Nothing much really.

    2. I most recognize you for your crossover fanons, what made you decide to write an alternative history fanon?
    - Well mainly because I can work with it more. I usually look at an episode and always wonder how it can be played out differently. One thing led to another, and here I am typing out my story.


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  • The Snowbold

    Hi everyone, this is Kuir with a super late interview on 's . Built on the story of a Fire Nation Avatar, Gatton. Like every Avatar before and after, we will see just how trying his own tribulations are. But this Avatar has a issue of overthrow as his homeland's ruling sages are on the verge of total collapse.

    Now Kuzonkid7 has kindly agreed to answered some questions I had after giving the fanon a look. Now, because this is large story with books, I decided to split the interview between book 1 & 2. Here at the first part, we will look into the concept and creation of the Lost Air Temple and its first stage of the story!

    1. Hey Kuzonkid, whats up?

    -The sky, sir. Well I've finally gotten back to working on the old fanon machine.

    2. So in the f…

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  • The Snowbold

    Hey there! The Snowbold here with another interview. Today we are speaking with Fruipit for her work, Drive-ins! This edgy Tokka fanon covers an older Toph and Sokka and their lives in a modern era. Here are my super-late questions that our resident Tokka master kindly answered, lets hear what she had to say on the matter.

    1. Hey, Fruity Loops, what's up?
    - Oh, nothing much. A lot of work to do, a lot of procrastination to put it off :) I hope you're doing well, too :P

    2. Okay, so what was the most base inspiration for this, given that everyone knows you're the top dog of Tokka here?
    - The 'top dog of Tokka'? xD Okay then. This was pretty much an 'aww, what an adorable idea, Sokka narrating films for Toph!' which turned into an 'okay, I don't…

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  • The Snowbold

    Hey there! Kuir here with another interview. Today we are speaking with the author of the Legend of Sasuke, Phoenixbender.

    1. Hey, Phoenix, what's up?

    - Nothing much. I'm doing good.

    2. Okay, so Sasuke is the the second Avatar after Korra, what did you do to show he was a Fire Avatar to make him stand out from the rest?

    - He used firebending in the first paragraph of the first chapter. He is a reluctant hero and not brash and hotheaded unlike most firebenders. This makes him a reluctant hero. It makes him stand out for a Fire Avatar.

    3. Would you like to give us some reference to timeline and events? Like maybe how long after the Legend of Korra this is?

    - 10,100 years after the ending of The Era of Raava. This is because of what will be explain…

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  • The Snowbold

    Hi, Here with ! We are here today to interview , an alternate fanon where a mysterious god helps Avatar Aang in the events we saw in one form during the Last Airbender. Let's look into the mind of this author as he writes out a new world, or rather, worlds.

    1. Hey Specialk16, how are you doing? Is it fine to just call you K?

    Hey The Snowbold, I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. And sure, I don't mind being called 'K'. There's always a certain singularity of single letter names; perhaps its the fact that it's only one letter. Anyways, I like it. (Oh, and please excuse my spontaneity. I've probably had too much coffee, or too many sport jelly beans. Gah, see what I mean? My fingers are like two little tornadoes on the keys) Anyways, I suspect …

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