Well, since I saw that you can actually list your favorite Fanons, I have decided to try my hand in there, and list my Top 5 Fanons. P.S. I have actually reached a block in Darkness and Light, so this might jog my brain around.

1. Avatar:Wanted/Avatar:Guardian

I really think that these 2 are the best in the Community. I really can't decide which is better, so they are tied. Great stories, great characters. I hope mine can be as good as these two stories.

2. Kyoshi Revolts

I really found the idea of a "what if the Gaang had failed?" story awsome, and engaging. It is something I had wondered myself. Really awsome characters, and the story rocks

3.Clash of Worlds 1, 2, and 3

Some of the funniest writing in the whole Fanon Community. I read these over, and over, and it never stops making me luagh. I hope that there is another one.

4.The Pheonix Chronicles

I have to say, definitly one of my favs. The avatar can tell a story. His characters are awsome. I look forward to the new chapters

5.Avatar:Better World

I really like the idea that Aang is attacked by assassins(duh), and SuperFlash maks them so awsome.

Well, there you go. Any questions, leave them in the comments

Robert A.K.A The Parius

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